Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

From DIY ideas to Home Decor & Social Media tips @schulmanArt

Wondering what the most popular blog posts were of 2013? Here is the round up of the top five based on number of hits

Pink Handbags!

Womens Handbag in Pink and Radiant Orchid
Womens Handbag in Pink and Radiant Orchid

This must be a trend that folks are looking for.. with Radiant Orchid named Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, women are on the hunt for pink and purple handbags to add that trendy pop of color to their winter and spring wardrobes. Now with Kim Kardashian sporting a hand painted Birken bag, the trend of unique bags is sure to take off.


How to use twitter to market your art
How to use twitter to market your art

How to Use Twitter to Market Your Art Social media tips are something every artist needs to know. I use twitter to tweet inspiring quotes as well  as share news about my blog posts and who is featured in them. you can learn more tops from this post.

Vintage Home Decor
Vintage Home Decor

Top Five Trends for vintage home decor 
This popular post was a collaboration with
Tania of Little Vintage Cottage.

She curated great trends from across the internet and her own vintage finds for great ideas you can use in your own home.

diy bracelets
DIY beaded bracelet tutorials

DIY Beading From Nature’s Gifts 
DIY projects were a huge hit on the blog. The DIY bracelets and the DIY Halloween Costumes brought in the most folks. Will defintely have to make the costumes an annual feature!

marketing intern at SchulmanArt
Special thanks to my 2013 summer
marketing interns Stefanie Hindmarch (shown above)
and Emmy Hirsh who wrote
four of the top five blog posts!

What do all of these blog posts have in common? They were all written by guest bloggers! Want to write a guest blog post for SchulmanArt? You get links to your site and it is a great way to generate traffic to your sites from a new audience. Always interested in DIY projects, home decor ideas and social marketing tips like the ones featured here.

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  1. Hello Miriam,
    Thank you for featuring my printable chalkboard signs! I love all of the things you found for the New Year. It's very nice to be featured. Thank you again! – Heather (Notable Affairs on Etsy)


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