Four Art Magazines Every Artist Should Read

Best Art Magazines for Artists
Best Art Magazines for Artists

No secret that I am a bit of an art junky… one of my favorite guilty pleasures is receiving my art magazines each month. From just plain fun eye candy to practical tips that help my career to learning new techniques, here is my round up of some art magazines every artist should read!














  1.  Professional Artist

    Professional Artist


    Formerly known as Art Calendar, this magazine is about the business of being an artist. I look forward to Jack White’s inspirational columns as well as those of Eric Meisel who can talk any artist off a cliff. You’ll also find practical advice on building your blog, teaching courses, approaching galleries and so much more. 

  2. Art News

    Art News


    This is another “art business” magazine but is geared toward the elite art world of museums and galleries whereas “Professional Artist” encompasses the independent artist. In this magazine, you can read reviews of art shows in museums across the country as well as articles on  art fraud, restitution and more. In this periodical, I have discovered fun music videos riffing on famous paintings and art humor books that I never would have known about without this wonderful magazine.


  3. Somerset Studio: The art of Paper and Mixed Media

    Somerset Studio

    There are so many publications put out by Stampington & Company, it will make your head spin but you can find all the monthly inspiration you need for mixed media art in here. This magazine has the least information about the business of art but has plenty of eye candy from a diverse selection of artists. Love it for their open submission process and reader challenges. 


  4. Cloth Paper Scissors

    Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine
    This magazine is currently my secret favorite. In this magazine there is a nice mix of artist portfolios, sharing techniques you can use, and great writing. Look for regular columnist Julie Fei-Fan Balzar for practical advice on being a professional artist and art techniques by Jodi Ohl.

    What magazines do you like to read?


8 thoughts on “Four Art Magazines Every Artist Should Read”

  1. I have the same problem but with international magazines (non-american) that I love! They can be $25 an issue which is the same as a book… but I still love some of the watercolor magazines that can;t be found here. The one I used to like sadly stopped publishing about a a year ago

  2. the last two are favorites of mine as well. i can actually say that i have every single issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and many years worth of Somerset Studio. i also like the Art Journaling magazine that they put out.

    thank you for your visit and for leaving a kind comment. I've enjoyed finding your blog and am inspired by your work.


  3. Here here to Somerset Studio. I have every issue since 1997! I really like some of the courses and lessons Cloth Paper Scissors has in their online store too.

  4. Hi Miriam.
    Thanks for visiting and your encouraging comment 🙂
    Living in Australia it can be difficult to find the magazines you mention, and even if I do, they're so expensive because of the airfreight. I use them as a special treat every once in a while. I have to admit I prefer a magazine that has a range of articles, not just a whole bunch of projects with instructions. Something meaty!


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