My Sunday Rituals

My Sunday Rituals

I am not sure if this is hypocritical but I am sitting here at my computer at 8:15 in the morning writing a list of Sunday rituals knowing full well I will get to very few of the ones I listed today! At around 9, my whole family is piling into the car for a road trip to Gettysburg Pa to visit Gettysburg College. My daughter is a high school junior and we are doing the good old college search.

I actually made this list last night and there are a few real life Sunday rituals I should have added. One is getting out of bed at around 6 in the morning or whatever ungodly hour my cat decided she wanted to get up to pee. This morning, since we are leaving overnight, I had to scoop the litter and convince the cat to pee down in the litter box. My husband usually lets the cat out but on the weekends he guilt trips me into taking care of “your cat”

The other ritual I have– which is not a Sunday ritual, but an everyday ritual– is I check my iPhone. All the various feeds starting with my email, moving to pinterest notifications and then new eye candy photos posted by all the artists I stalk on instagram.

art journal prompt
Art Journal Page for you!

I did have eggs and bacon this morning– and not because I said I would– but I really do love that. Usually my husband gasses up my car and buys milk, eggs and the Sunday New York Times. He says I should have written a list of his Sunday rituals and that I have none. He also does the grocery shopping for the family because he doesn’t like the way I do it ( I don’t buy enough cookies)

When I was younger (and more motivated) I used to schedule a workout at my favorite workout place du jour but now I just laze around in my pajamas until the guilt overtakes me and pop in an exercise DVD. (which I still call exercise tapes, just like my grandfather always called the refrigerator the “ice box”

So I gave you an art journal page so you can play along. YOu can right click ans save the image to your computer and print it out. If you use instagram, be sure to tag me (@schulmanArt) and you can use the hashtag #52lists

What are your Sunday rituals??


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  1. We get up early and we do some work, go to eat breakfast and go to church. Then we just rest and relax. Simple but this is our Sundays. I love your pretty blue painting.


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