Snow Days are great, but I want my secret life back

Shoveling Snow after a blizzard

So far we have had four snow days…you know, a day when kids get to stay home. Now, I actually love when school is cancelled because that also means that I don’t have to carpool my kids to their over scheduled after school life. The day off also takes the pressure off of me to “Tiger Mother” them with their homework and let us all slow down the hectic pace of our busy lives.

my daughter helps out…

However, we have had a LOT of snow. The only way to keep snow shoveling from being a chore is to I keep reminding myself that snow shoveling burns 400 calories per hour. The snow has gotten a bit ridiculous though. I love pushing fluffy snow down to the bottom of my driveway, but slinging shovels full of wet snow over my head is a pain, literally.

On Thursday, the first of the two snow days, when I came in from snow shoveling I thought nothing wrong with lying on the couch the rest of the afternoon and catching up with the Winter Olympics on demand. My daughter thought differently and kept pestering me to get off the couch ( and pay attention to her) That is when I started missing my secret life. Not that I normally lie on the couch and watch television, but after break backing snow shoveling, I thought I was entitled.

Snow banks over my head!

Yesterday morning, the second of  two snow days in a row,  I went out bright and early to help my husband shovel. This time I had a different hidden agenda. I was determined to get out of my house to go to my exercise class and I wanted my husband to go to work too. The kids had another snow day on Valentines Day and I was beginning to miss my secret life. I kept saying to my husband, “You’re going to work today, right?” ( Please note our mayor had called a state of emergency and the streets were not completely safe yet) I also wanted to make sure the driveway was completely shoveled so that our Valentines Day lunch date would go on as planned.

So although snow days are great, I want my secret life back…

What about you, do you like snow days? 

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