What makes you feel healthy: mind body and soul?

art journal prompt
art journal prompt
art journal prompt
A page from my art journal…

I’ve really been getting into this list making as a means of self-exploration this year. Today’s list is about what makes me feel healthy: mind, body and soul. I  thought for sure that exercise would be on the list, but there is a finny thing about list making. The list can sometimes surprise you. You find yourself adding items to the list you may not have expected and not putting others on the list that don’t ring true. You make a list until you know the truth about yourself. I like exercise, but the part of exercise that I enjoy the best is the stretching. I have always been flexible and I love the feeling of coaxing my body into languorous cat-like stretches.

Another item on my list that caught me off-guard, but I knew this to be true, is swimming. This caught me by surprise, because I don’t go swimming at a local YMCA– and I am not even sure that is what I have in mind when I put this on the list… I am not sure that lap swimming really fillfills my needs mind, body and soul. When I added swimming to my list I was filled with the memory of swimming in the fresh water pond at Cape Cod almost two years ago. The clean water and the clean air when I could take long uninterrupted swims was such a luxury. I have always dreamed of flying and swimming is the closest you can get to that feeling of utter weightlessness. Floating in the water…feeling my mind, body and soul clean and healthy.


What makes you feel healthy? Mind, body and soul?

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