Want to peek at my art to-do list?

Otherwise known as the unfinished project list by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Miriam Schulman in her art studio

I always have a lot going on in my art world and I thought today I would share with you my art to-do list. I always get asked “Do you still paint?” or “Do you paint everyday?” and although I don’t get to make art everyday, I work on my art business everyday. Here is a partial list of everything written down in my planner…

1. Write this blog post and come up with photography and pretty pinable text to match the post
2. Start a new watercolor commission of a restaurant interior and a bed&breakfast where a couple had their first date and got engaged. ( note to self– do I want to film myself painting this to share on youtube?)
3. Finish correspondence with etsy client who wants two nude watercolors commissioned
4. Finish peacock painting (on easel) finish latest tree collage (leaning against the wall) and also make AND start (and finish!) two more canvases so I have seven original artworks as promised for the Fairfield Junior League show at the end of the month. (and I started filming the peacock, so I guess I need to finish filming that, edit that video and post to youtube)
5. Oh yeah, put the Junior League event on facebook and my website and schedule tweets about them…
6. Finish printing and matting 30 prints for same Junior League art show event.
7. Write the ecourse on Watercolor Portraits and figure out what photo I will use as demonstration…because, yes, I haven’t even started filming yet and the course is to go live in April.
8. Make a “tree art” portfolio to show for potential licensing deals

tree art
Unfinished tree art..how do you know when it is done? (you just do.)

9. Add my new “girl art” to imagekind.
10. Submit new “girl art” to Stampington with the hopes of getting it published.
11. Start the new commission I just got for Hoff-Barthelson Music School. (Why isn’t this higher on the to-do list?) A donor is paying me to paint something spectacular for their recital room and it will be a floral triptych in my mixed media style.
12. Clean the studio for my Monday semi-private watercolor students and gather materials for the Tuesday watercolor class at the girl scout house.
13. Continue to update my site where I teach the online classes to make it prettier and easier to use.
14. Create more pretty cover photos for my pinterest boards with teaser text.
15. Pick a cosmetic bag to ship to the Katonah Museum of Art so they can see a sample of my products– hoping they carry my art in their gift shop.

cosmetic bags
Flags of the world cosmetic bags which would
be PERFECT for the Katonah Museum’s gift shop
while they have their Jasper Johns Exhibit

Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon

16. Call the Hudson River Museum and see if they are interested in restocking on my art bags.
17. Watch the Surtex videos (that I paid for) and the other online ecourses from Kelly Rae Roberts (that I paid for)
18. See the new Gauguin exhibit at the MoMa
19. Interview summer interns.
20. Prepare a 3×5′ and 4×6′ butcher paper mockup for a client for our consultation at the end of the month to decide what size peacock art would be best for her apartment.
21. Get new camera lens and a remote control because running back and forth to use timer only to find out I am taking blurry photos is for the birds.

What’s on YOUR to do list?!

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