You don’t want to miss this peacock painting demonstration!

peacock painting demonstration
Peacock Art by Schulman – watch the demonstration video!

I love painting peacocks and thank goodness my collectors love them too. 

Color Story

The colors in this painting were inspired by the colors that were strutting down the  runways. From yellow Freesia ( see blog post Yellow Freesia) to Radiant orchid (Color Obsession: Radiant Orchid) to violet (Five Reasons to Love the Color Purple) to dazzling blue (Do you love blue too?), and Hemlock green (Spring Trend Forecast: Mint Green) this peacock has most of those glorious colors.


Come into my studio!

I thought it would be fun to invite you into my studio so you can watch me paint this peacock from start to finish. This is a fast motion video… you might notice that I painted this peacock over several days, changing my outfits. My tuxedo cat also makes a cameo halfway through. She jumps into an open window, interferes with my paint a bit and then returns to guarding the house from other cats. 

I have listed this art for sale as a print on imagekind and also available as home decor and other accents on cafepress.
Collect the original from my website → collect original art

Watch me paint the peacock!

PS Looking for more peacock art? You can find lots of peacock art and gifts on my website!

6 thoughts on “You don’t want to miss this peacock painting demonstration!”

  1. I found your use of paint and colours, so fluid and almost random— but not of course. It was planned and performed perfectly. Congratulations. I wish l had heard from you when l was younger. You would have been such an inspiration, and l might have used my talent much more.

  2. I love this video! I laughed at the initial part of the soundtrack and then smiled all the way thru! Awesome painting! Awesome music! Awesome video! Thank you!

    • Thanks Miriam! I totally enjoyed watching you paint! Music so apropo! I love you cat too. I had one that looked just like her (or him).
      I love your colors and your process. Totally enjoying your class on mixed media!! Thanks!

  3. Well that was a ton of fun to watch and a wonderful way to start my day ;)) I've never worked on anything that large myself. Is there a very different feeling to working on something like this vs. an average size canvas? Thanks for sharing this Miriam! (love the section with your cat too lol)


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