Where do you want to go?

Art Journal Idea by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

art journal
A page from my Art Journal

Art Journal Prompt

This art journal prompt is once again from the List Yourself book that asks “Where do you want to go?” In order to my list not to seem like a page out of a travel agency ad, I started first with places I want to go and plan to go soon, followed by places I want to go later this year and ending with my ultimate travel bucket list.

Places to go to grow as an artist

  • Gauguin exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art
  • Surtex (got my ticket already! For those that don’t know- this is where I can connect with agents and manufacturers and do research on getting a licensing deal–a must do art goal I made for myself for 2014

Places to go with my family

  • Someplace exotic and warm in December ( any ideas??)
  • Annual Wellfleet pilgrimage with my family in August – a wonderful artsy town in Cape Cod near Provincetown
  • Visit my kids at Interlochen (daughter’s music camp) and Adirondacks (son’s Grateful Dead style overpriced summer camp)

Ultimate travel bucket list

Cost Rica * Giverny * Tuscany * Egypt * India * St Petersberg * Moscow * Portland * Venice * Greece * Mexico * Buenos Aires * Vienna * Prague * Chicago * Amsterdam

Techniques used:

1) gesso the page
2) add washi tape
3) tore two pieces from Stampington’s “art to borrow” artist paper ( from magazine subscription
4) Add paint to “seams” of torn paper to integrate them with the page.
5) Add single layer of patterned napkin on top using matte medium to adhere.
6) put a layer of clear acrylic gesso on top of washi tape to facilitate writing and doodling
7) Add bubble letters and fill in with white Pitt pen
8) List yourself!


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Where do you want to go?

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