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The Fab Five by Miriam Schulman @schulmanArt

We have had a heck of a winter…it even snowed this morning here in New York! (seriously) Sometime in early March, I decided I had it with winter and I would start spring anyway. Regardless of the day on my calendar and the temperature outside I would start posting a flower painting daily to my instagram account. In addition to my daily flower postings, I started wearing spring colors and lighter clothes under my winter coat, and wearing brighter nail polish.

So on this gray day, I thought I would share with you the top 5 most popular flower art paintings posted to my instagram feed based on “likes” from followers there.
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Red Poppy Art

So the most popular flower painting was a happy bright red poppy collage. In this painting I ripped up a vintage piano book and added watercolor to the pieces and then rearranged the puzzle pieces to form this poppy painting. Music lovers have fun noticing musical notes in the petals, leaves and background. You can collect the original red poppy painting from etsy. { you may like my decorating blog post: Color your world with bright red poppy art}

Purple Watercolor Rose

Next in popularity was this romantic watercolor rose painting. Recognizing that my watercolors and mixed media are equally popular always adds to my confusion whether  I should stick to watercolor or mixed media. Then again, Picasso was never concerned about working in one media– he worked in a diverse array of styles and materials. So what’s good enough for Picasso is good enough for me. This watercolor is in a private collection, but rose prints are available from etsy


Sunflower Painting

Now, let me point out that “popularity” may also be due to when I posted a picture, what tags I used, whether I spent time that day commenting on other folks’ pictures and more.. So  how “popular” an instagram post is the sum of many things that may have nothing to do with the quality of the art. Anyway, I was not surprised that this mixed media sunflower garnered a lot of likes. Although this particular collage is in a private collection, there are three more sunflower paintings in this series…for sale on etsy, of course. I love the combination of purple, yellow and light mint green in this harmonious composition. You can read more about the color mint green for fashion and decorating in this blog post: Spring Trend Forecast: Mint Green}

More Watercolor Roses

Switching back to watercolor is this rose painting I did in a workshop when I was studying under Charles Reid. The rose print may be collected on etsy. { You may also like my blog post: What Mom really wants for mother’s day}

Floral Mixed Media Collage Art

And back again to mixed media is this joyous tulip collage. This design you will remember from my Hope bag that I featured on Friday. You can enjoy this design on home decor and accessories and also as a print from etsy.
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So that rounds out the top five floral artworks posted on instagram this March. What’s blooming in your garden?

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