5 Artists to Follow on Instagram

Five Inspiring Instagrammers

Best People (who are artists) to follow on instagram by @schulmanArt Miriam Schulman

Looking for inspiration on your instagram feed? I’ve been on instagram less than six months now but I have plenty of artists to follow that keep me inspired when I am killing time in carpool lines (you too?) Now, if you are anything like me you don’t want to see endless baby pictures, your friend’s cute but tiresome cat pictures or pictures of what famous people happening to be eating for lunch that day. Here are some fun artistic eye candy to add to your news feed.

 Christy Tomlinson @christytomlinson

I discovered Christy Tomlinson about a year and a half ago– long before I got my own instagram account — when someone contacted me through my etsy shop asking if I teach online classes, “like Christy Tomlinson.” At that time, I was not teaching online art classes, but now I do thanks to that one conversation. Teaching online has grown to be one of my most profitable, creative and fun parts of my art making business. So you could say I owe a lot to this fierce artist, but that is not why I follow her on instagram. She posts lots of selfies captioned with self-deprecating humour. Although she has six kids (that is not a typo) and runs an art business, you will not see endless pictures of her cute kiddies. Just enough to let you know they exist, and that being a mom is important to her. In addition to her funny personal posts, you will love the sneak peaks of her wrapping etsy sales, experimenting with art materials, and snapshots from her workshops and other art adventures.

Jenny Doh of STUDIO CRESCENDOh @jennydoh

Jenny Doh is another artist to follow. She knits.  She works out. She plays cello. She owns an art studio. She is a tiger mother… actually, I don’t know that for sure.. I just assume that someone as amazing is she must be a fantastic mom too. You will be inspired by all the little creative tidbits she shares.

Danita Art @danitaart

Danita is a top seller in the art category on etsy.  She makes dolls, original paintings and jewelry. She has this wonderfully equipped studio and works like an elf into the wee hours of the night. You will love seeing her strong work ethic and work in progress pictures which makes owning a piece of this creativity irresistible. ( I know, because I bought one of her little creations) Here is one of her darling Easter bunnies sitting on a paint jar. Want one? Hurry, cause although she made a dozen they are nearly sold out.


Katie Daisy of the Wheatfield @katieisadaisy

You may not have heard of this rising superstar artist, but you have certainly seen her art. Her art is licensed by Pottery Barn. You will see her art on the covers of journals at Barnes and Noble and she is one of the top sellers on etsy. Her instagram feed includes new pictures of her art both alone and on products and charming peeks into her everyday life. She embraces her image as the country girl turned artist and in this post she declares she will be using the Oregon river for added magic in her paintings. How charming!

Flora Bowly @florabowley

Flora Bowly is a one of a kind original. She is an “artist’s artist” and leads inspiring retreats to exotic locations from Mexico to Bali. Her instagram feed is just as inspiring as she shares beautiful photography from retreat locations and snippets of wonderful artists who follow her. (In this Bali retreat you might recognize Tamara Laporte or Lynzee Lynx). Currently, I am devouring Bowly’s book, Brave Intuitive Painting.

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  1. Kerry- You can click on the names on all the embedded instagram photos to open in instagram, but here are the names anyway: @jennydoh @danitaart @christytomlinson @florabowley @katieisadaisy
    best, Miriam

  2. Thanks for this information. I had trouble finding most of the artists on Instagram. I need their user names for Instagram. I was already following Flora. I found Jenny Doh and Danita Art. Great blog. I am following you through my Word Press Reader.


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