Spring Cleaning

What I need to do to clean out this spring! @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

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I am not a neat-nik and my creative artsy self would always prefer to make a craft mess than to wash the dishes. Just the same,  I have  made a spring cleaning list.


My word for 2014 is Harmony {see blog post: One Little Word) and the one area this has really helped me the most is in keeping my home clean. Whenever I see my husband’s or my kids’ messes around the house instead of getting resentful that I have “to clean up” I say to myself that I am “creating harmony”


Spring Cleaning in the Home

Piles hidden behind the piano: Whenever I am feeling a little out of sorts about my life this year (nothing really wrong is going on, I am just a sensitive artist type) I think about my wish list for updating my domestic spaces. I want to repaint my den but more importantly I think it is finally time to attack the piles behind my piano in the living room.

Hoarder’s Paradise: Also, the basement playroom that has turned into a hoarder’s paradise since my kids have outgrown it. (example of some items in the “playroom:” my over sized lighting tent that I can’t figure out how to collapse, my son’s camp sports trophies that I am not allowed to throw out, a closet full of boxes and bags from Uline when I over purchased thinking I would be selling much more than I actually do, and a pop up fire truck tent although my youngest is almost fourteen.

artist miriam Schulman does spring cleaning in the studio
Me, armed for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning in the Studio

One of the reasons I tell myself that I teach my semi-private watercolor class each week ( although it may be the least profitable part of my art business) is that it forces me to clean the studio. So my studio never gets that bad– but of course this is from my point of view–I probably could use another shelf to get more things off the floor and although I am loathe to admit it, the closet is really bad…. yes…that bad. (see description of playroom and secret piles behind piano)

Spring Cleaning my wardrobe

Yesterday, I started the process of throwing out clothes… I wore my backside cleavage jeans for the last time and threw them in the waste basket. I don’t buy these because this is a part of my anatomy I want to show off, but when I am trying on jeans in the fitting room I want to end the anxiety as soon as possible. So I lie to myself that I won’t be mooning the world in the cool looking yet ill-fitting low rise jeans. I will be updating my closet with some “mom jeans” Any ideas where to buy these?

Spring Cleaning Online

Pinterest: I have been going through my pinterest boards and deleting “stale” pins. These are pins that either have gotten no attention or perhaps it is an item from my etsy shop that I already sold. In addition, I have been adding pretty pinterest cover pages. What do you think of them?

art journal
a page from my art journal

My Blog: On my spring cleaning list is cleaning up this blog. For older posts, I want to see if I can add pretty title graphics, links to related posts and perhaps even edit and improve the copy.

My Website and etsy: Have to go through my listings, titles and tags on etsy and make sure all my items are seasonal and relevant. Is it time to discontinue an image? This morning I found two artworks that I described as “perfect for your Thanksgiving decor” Good lord, no wonder they hadn’t sold!

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What about you? What are you doing for spring cleaning?

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