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List What Feels like Home… by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt


Art Journaling by @SchulmanArt
Art Journaling by @SchulmanArt

Looking for a new idea for your art journal? Writing lists are always a great prompt for art journal and self-expression.

Art Journal Prompt

For this list, I thought about what feels like home.  I made this list on a road trip with my daughter to visit colleges, so it was easy to think about what comforts from home I was missing. For me, the list felt right to focus on sensual pleasures of home such as literal feelings and textures.

My Art Journal List

  • Comfortable Pajamas: Home is the place I can wear my comfortable pajamas. I tend to just pull on a pair of my son’s flannel pajamas plus a tank top. Yes, I bring these items with me when I travel, but there I can only wear them to sleep in, not to lounge around the
  • My Cat: The first this I do when I enter my house is pet my tuxedo cat who is waiting for me at the top of the basement stairs. So I associate home, with the warm purring kitty who sleeps on my bed.
  • TV: Again, I can watch tv anywhere else, but I don’t. TV is something I do at home.
  • Oatmeal: I love oatmeal. but I like it the best the way I make it…elsewhere I can’t trust that the oatmeal won’t just taste like grains and water. Is there a special food you like, but only at home?
  • Front Porch: My husband and I adore our front porch, although mostly a warm weather pleasure, this becomes an extra room in our house…where we can sit in our pajamas….and eat oatmeal…with our cat. 
  • Cuddling: At this point in my list making, my nosy teenage daughter looked over my shoulder and wanted to know why only the cat was on the list and not her or anyone else in the family. So I added cuddling… because I can enjoy my family anywhere, but cuddling feels like home.
  • Warm Bath: In the two hotels we stayed in neither had a bath… so when I returned home, after I petted my cat, I made myself a nice long bath…. then put on my pajamas. Tonight, cuddling. Tomorrow, oatmeal.
Art Journal Ideas by @SchulmanArt
Art Journal Ideas

Art Journal Techniques

For these two art journal pages, I started my painting black gesso on both pages. Then, using a white pigment ink I put chevron and alphabet stamps to add texture. In addition, I used a medallion stencil and light shades of acrylic paint. I added two butterflies from a National Geographic magazine, and change the colors using acrylic paint. Using white and black gel pens I added bubble letters and then “painted” around the negative space with Faber Castell white or black brush pens as well as colored paint pens.

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What feels like home to you?

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  1. I love oatmeal and cuddles – they are really homey things. Home is definitely where my heart is, and that's why I moved back to the village where I grew up to bring up my own children. My bed is definitely the best (this is heartfelt as I've just returned from two nights away). I always find it amazing how quickly I can get used to other places though – even places like youth hostels which don't have home comforts but you just kind of get used to it after a few nights!


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