Jasper Johns as Print Maker

Museum Mondays by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

jasper johns prints
Jasper johns and John Lund: Masters in the Print Studio
at the Katonah Museum of Art


Art Show Review

You may be familiar with Jasper Johns the way I am– yep, he’s the guy who painted all those American flags. Did you know he has been collaborating for the last thirty years with master printer, John Lund? Although the American flag continues to appear as a symbol in Johns art, you may be surprised by the multi-layered effects the team created with these prints.

The first thing that struck me about the art is that these prints resembled the layered mixed media art popular today. The multicolor prints resemble collages. In addition to the flag as symbol, Johns utilized “words as art” in his imagery which is very much in vogue right now. Other symbols include vases as a profile,  references to Picasso, and hands.The texture achieved through the printing process is impressive and holds your visual interest.

The show presents technical and personal aspects of their collaboration, with never-before-exhibited proofs, plates, and photographs. There are also plenty of voyeuristic behind the scenes looks at the artists at work in their studio, interview with John Lund and schematics of the dream studio itself.

“Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.”-Jasper Johns

flag themed gifts
Flag themed gift items by SchulmanArt are 
available at the museum gift shop and online!


Gift Shop Goodies

I’m thrilled to announce that my printed flag themed bags and hand crafted decorative boxes are being offered in the Katonah Museum gift shop! These are selling out fast but if you get there before they are all gone you can look for cosmetic bags printed with the American flag or a star spangled coin purse with inspirational words. In addition, there are decorative boxes to store your favorite treasures with a flag print on top.

How to get to the Museum

Katonah Museum of Art is an easy day trip from New York City, Take the metro north Harlem line to Katonah and there is taxi service from the station to the museum, just half a mile away. Go back to the village of Katonah for some quiet shopping and interesting restaurants. One of our favorites is Willy & Nick’s.

If you are driving, the museum is exit 6 from 684 North.
134 Jay Street (Route 22), Katonah, N.Y. For more information: (914) 232-9555 or katonahmuseum.org.

Activities for Kids

This museum is nice and small and has a room designated just for kids offering both “Tuesday Tots” and also “Art Adventures” for the grade school set where kids can experiment to make their own masterpieces. This is a great way for mom (or Grandma) to sneak in a little culture while entertaining the little ones.

More Museum Details 

See the museum website for more details. www.katonahmuseum.org
Exhibit is through June 15, 2014
They have free guided tours Tuesday through Sunday at 2:30.

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