11 Perfect Purple Paint Shades

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purple paint colors
Which one is your favorite shade of purple?

In a Purple Haze

purple paint colors
Valspar Regal Plum:

Purple is a very calming color to use in your home. This shade appeals to both men and women. Pantone Spring 2014 trend report even includes a sophisticated shade “purple haze” for men. It is a deeper more masculine version of the women’s “violet tulip”. Since “radiant orchid” is the color of the year, purple is going to be here to stay, check out some great house paint colors for your home decor. 

What makes purple a great interior color

Interior designers were asked what purples they like and their reasons range from praising purple’s sexy sophistication to being a great color to hand artwork on. All the decorators agree that purple is a soothing color and easy to live with.. Would you paint a room in your house purple?


purple paint
Benjamin Moore Inspired:

This is on a single wall in my gallery kitchen. 
That way you don;t feel like you just fell into 
a berry smoothie. Violet draws out a higher 
consciousness, so they say, because it’s nearest 
to black. And it’s simultaneously warm and 
cool, vibrant and relaxed, vintage and fresh. 
It makes me a mellow kind of happy.
~Noelle Lake
purple paint
Martha Stewart Dusk by Glidden:
{for hanging art on walls} I just don’t 
think white has the personality and 
warmth that makes you feel invited 
into a room, I want something a 
little stringer, and this dusty lavender 
has a soft powdery feeling. Its rich 
and mysterious. antique velvet. 
Anything you hang on it looks 
more special~Hal Williamson


purple paint
Valspar Purple Royalty:

I find it relaxing whenever any dark 
rich color is used throughout a room. 
Your eye is not jumping from dark walls 
to light trim, and you sink into the color 
just as you’d sink into a comfortable sofa. 
Its almost as if you’re swimming in it. 
And it opens up the space, because 
you can’t see where the boundaries are.
~Eddie Lee


[Farrow and Ball’s Brassica is] 
hard to describe- not aubergine, not purple, 
not gray. Maybe a stone lavender? 
If you do the trim in the same tone, 
you get this warm cocoonish, sensual space. 
I see it in a master bedroom or study, 
paired with chocolate brown linen 
velvet upholstery and deeper pops of aubergine. 
~Robert Passal
purple paint
Benjamin Moore Passion Plum: 
There’s something mysterious and magical 
about purple. A den or a library of a family 
room–where you might traditionally go to 
a sage green or a blood red–would feel 
more modern in this shade, which is like the
inside of a pansy. And darker colors are 
always sexy, because they warm things up 
and make everyone look better
~Kirsten Brant 
purple paint
Benjamin Moore Eggplant:
There’s something about paintings, 
If you hang them on a light wall, 
they blend into the wall and you’re 
not aware of them. Against a dark 
wall, they jump right out. This 
eggplant brings out their colors 
and seems to intensify them. The 
dark bacground purts a frame 
around the painting that makes 
it look stronger~ Mario Buatta


























Farrow and Ball Brinjal:
(another color great for hanging art!)
I have some 18th-century Swedish 
engravings in gilded frames, and 
this dark, penetrating color makes 
them radiate off the walls. It’s sexy 
and mysterious, somewhere between 
purple and brown, and the darkness 
brings out the precision of these lines. 
Add acid green, lemony yellow, 
or pink. ~Marcy Masterson
Benjamin Moore Sleepy Hollow:
Maybe you’d actually use your 
living room if you painted it this 
dusty purple, It’s cheerful and 
bright in the light and at night 
it gets moody and just wraps 
itself around you. White moldings 
and hot magenta or chartreuse 
fabrics would make it come 
alive. Or try silvery grays and 
washed out blues. Throw in some 
sparkle with mercury glass.
~Eileen Kathryn Boyd


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Which one is your favorite shade of purple?

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