Three Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Let’s Decorate with Art!

Colorful art can change the whole attitude of a room. Don’t underestimate the power of art to uplift your mood and the spirit of everyone in it. Art is good for your health and your home and you should always surround yourself with art that you love.  Here are some great decorating ideas for incorporating my new red poppy art into your home decor.


Living Room Wall Decor

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Here, the red poppy art is displayed without a frame. You can own this art too, either the original art from etsy or collect a fine art print in your choice of framing.

Art does not have to match the sofa

Proving that art does not have to match the soda– or anything else– Don’t you love the way the red poppy art pops against the pale blue living room walls? In this decorating inspiration, the wall art is displayed without a frame to give it a modern and contemporary feel while also solving the problem of a narrow space to hang art. There are some light blue tones in the artwork but the art is the only red in the room which makes the art a focal point and help anchor the room. If you are afraid to decorate with color, then art is a risk-free way to bring color into a room.

Art can move from room to room

One trick I like to do in my own home is to move the art around. The whole room can get a new look just by swapping pieces in the dining room for artwork in the living room or bedroom. Do you see how this art works in all three rooms? So never worry about choosing the perfect art for one room, just collect art that you like and it will work anywhere in the house.

Dining Room Wall Decor


collect dining room wall decor from red poppy art with coral butterfly
In this dining room decorating idea, the poppy art has a frame
to coordinate with the dark accessories. You can still hang it
without a frame in this setting… framing is a personal choice.

About the interior design

Karyl Pierce Paxton’s New Orleans interior is filled with picturesque painted furniture that flaunts its age. In her dining room, a French neoclassical-style dining table, circa 1800, wears its original paint. Pulled up to it are Louis XVI-style chairs upholstered in a silk from ABC Carpet and Home. Orange embroidered Indian silk curtains from the Silk Trading Company are sexy because they remind us of women’s silky lingerie.  And yes, orange and red do go together and make for a very modern combination.

Mixing cultures in one room

When you decorate you can mix cultures in the same room. Don’t make your house like a Disney theme park where each room is a different culture. To Paxton, mixing cultures in the same room makes a livelier space. An Italian console holds a silver tea set from her grandmother as well as sculptures from New Guinea and Africa, flanked by lamps Paxton designed for the Pierce Paxton Collection by Savoy House.

Modern Wall Art

The original art in the room was swapped out digitally to show you how the poppy art would look in this eclectic dining room.


Bedroom Art

bedroom decorating ideas | bedroom ideas | collect bedroom art ::
Mixtures of brights in a happy guest bedroom
Take a peek inside a colorful ocean-side abode with vintage style by designer Mona Ross Berman. According to House Beautiful,
Berman used quieter shades of her palette in the guest room. “Even when I don’t use the same colors everywhere, I still like the room to feel connected. The bedroom should never feel like it’s in a completely different house from the living room—the whole house has to make sense as one.”
Wall paper is a great backdrop for Mixed Media Art
I chose this room, because I loved the happy pops of coral, lime, pink and yellow.  Although wall paper is not always a great choice for art lovers because it makes it trickier to change paintings when you put a hole in precious wall paper, mixed media collage art does look right at home in a room like this.
Coral is the new orange
Another decorating trend to note is that although orange is still very popular, light more coral shades are now trending and will make a better investment for your home as they will look modern and fresh.

How to collect this art for your own home.

If you want to collect this art for your own home, there is only one original painting which is offered on etsy or you can choose from your choice or sizes and framing options in a fine art print on imagekind. In addition, this happy art is available on home decor accessories from cafepress.

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  1. I have been looking for a statement piece for our home. I love the bright watercolors and agree it does not need to match.

  2. I bought this really big piece of art that was full of great shades of blue. I put it in my dining room and accented everything with deep brown and silvery grey. I love it great tips. I like the living room the best only because its the color of my bedroom and that picture that I bought.

  3. I like it in the dining room or the bedroom best, I think. I have moved art around in my home too and it works!

  4. I liked the dining room. I think the colors were a nice contrast. 2nd place would be the dining room. The painting looks really nice in both.

  5. I love decorating my house. I usually change the pictures around to give it a different look. Living room is my favorite!

  6. I love the pop of color this poppy artwork gives any space. I have my living room painted white but have tons of art covering the walls. Very cool!


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