Art Journal Prompt: Mantra Match Up

This blog post give you an easy way to come up with some meaningful mantras for your art journal. This art journal prompt asks you to choose a “mantra starter” from one column and match it with a “meaningful ending” from another column.

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My daughter’s art journal journey

My daughter has become addicted to her art journal which I also call “her excuse to use letter stickers.” In the beginning she would use the letter stickers just for the heading, do some traditional journal writing and then use stencils to put art on top of the writing.

An excuse to use letter stickers

Lately, she admitted that she abhorred the writing part and her favorite part was the letter stickers. I told her there really is no rule in art journal making so just stick to the part that makes you happy.


This Art Journal Prompt

She likes me to come up with art journal “assignments” or prompts for her. She was tiring of the list making and the other prompts so I suggested a mix and match prompt. I told her to pick a “mantra starter” from one list and a “mantra ender” from the other list.

How She Applied the prompt


A peek at a teenager’s art journal

She asked me if it was “okay” to use more than one word from the “ender” list and although that wasn’t my intention, I reminded her there were no rules. Here is a sneak peek at her art journal… since this page isn’t too personal I hope it is okay to share it. My grandmother used to read my diary while I was at school and then discuss it with my mother. Clearly, sharing a page from a journal on the internet would trump that… oh well, if she doesn’t like it I can always take it down when she comes home from school and hope that this post doesn’t go viral.

My intention

My intention is that you make single phrases.. the words that you need to hear the most right now. You can play around with the tense of course.. So you can use “Follow your” + “passion” to make “Follow your passion” or you can write “Be passionate.” You can say “Stay Strong” or perhaps “yes to strength“. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to the ideas here! The words you come up with yourself are the words you need to hear!

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You can do it too!

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So tell me, what do you think of this art journal exercise? 


Is this something you think you might like to try?

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  1. I am so happy I found your blog! I don't really like inspirational things too often, but I love how are see this blog is and I definitely want to read more posts about creative journaling and the creative process in general.


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