Art Journal Pages: Video Demonstration

Ever wonder how I create my art journal pages? In this blog post, you can watch a video so you can see me create an art journal page from start to finish.

art journal page video demonstration on
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If you go to youtube to watch this, you can also change the setting to watch the video in HD for greater clarity.

videos I make for art classes

I do a lot of videos for my online art classes. In those videos, I talk the entire time and break down my process showing everything in real time and anticipating questions that will be asked of me.

Videos I make for fun

Occasionally, I like to make these fast motion videos to document my process. I enjoy watching myself work since lots of time when I am working I let my subconscious guide me. I also love sharing these videos on youtube. You can subscribe to my free youtube video channel to see all my videos.

To find out what supplies I used, check out my art journal shopping guide here.

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What does this quote mean to you?

I asked my followers on social media what they thought this quote meant to them.

on instagram

Maggie of @makeminechai on instagram said “I live a very simple personal life and have come to embrace that. I still love adventure and spontaneity, but long for stillness after a hectic day of teaching. And that’s okay.”

on facebook

On facebook Karen B. commented: “Don’t sweat the small suff-just enjoy life & live in the moment.”

What this quote means to me

To me, it is about being happy with who you are even if you are not a famous artist or an internet star.

How I hope this quote will help others 

My daughter is at Interlochen Camp this summer which is an audition only prestigious music camp. She is very happy and proud to be there and yet at the same time I know she feels badly that she is in the back of the orchestra. Every two weeks they audition and rank the cellists and today I used this quote to help her.  

You are enough

I told her it is OKAY to be ordinary. She is enough. I told her: You are enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough You are good enough. You are enough. It doesn’t matter what happens today at the audition. She is enough.

The goal is not to be the best…the goal is happiness

If you respect happy people and respect happiness then everything else should fall into place. Happiness should trump all other goals.

Daydreaming is food for your soul 

However, that doesn’t mean you should strive and dream. Dreaming is good for your soul and always have the courage to try without being afraid to fail. Because even if you do, it is okay to be ordinary.

What do these quotes mean to you?

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  1. I love your video and watching you work. I also like what you told your daughter. It is so hard being a teenager. It is so competitive in every field – friendship, school, career ambitions, looks. I hope she finds the courage to make her ambition happiness. x


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