Art Journal Prompt: Where did you go?

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For this art journal prompt in the summer series challenge I decided to list everywhere I went over the weekend. To learn more about the summer challenges you can read my blog post: “Summertime Challenge for you” or see all my posts on art journaling for other inspiration.

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Now like most of the challenges there really aren’t rules, there is no reason for you to do the prompt the way I do or the art the way I do but it should offer you a starting point for creativity. In fact, I love seeing different interpretations. If you blog or post the page someplace, I would love for you to share it at the end of the post. The link party will stay open all summer long.

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Beginnings of the journal page as posted on my instagram feed

Prompt: Where did you go?

When I started this prompt I thought I would list everywhere I went this summer, but I quickly just focused on the last weekend. Obviously, you can answer the question however you want. For my page I listed the name of the towns, the state and I am starting to also add the names of the restaurants I visited. Since Michigan is famous for cherries, I am adding cherries around the edges and may add some other illustrative symbols or just some decorative doodles and embellishments.


Art Supplies

You will notice I have a new art journal that is not my planner pad. I actually bought a sturdy watercolor sketch book from Michael’s and I am really glad I did because the firm pages really stand up better to gesso, paint and medium.

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My new favorite paint pens: Sanford Sharpie Extra-Fine Pastel Paint Pen, Assorted Colors

Paint Pens

I also wanted to share with you some great new products I have found that I now consider indispensable. While I was at Michael’s I saw this colorful sharpie paint pen set in pastel shades. The colors didn’t really work with last week’s prompt (Who is important to you?) but I love the way they look on my other art journal pages. After you press down a few times on the new nib the color flows beautifully and you get really rich colors. Later, I found out you can get them for a heck of a lot cheaper on Amazon.

art journal pages on
Art Journal in progress shown with Pink Peacock Pencil Case

 Collage Elements

For the first layer, I thought it would be fun to use a tourist map. Maps work well in collage because they are free and full of visual interest. For this project I used the map from the where I went (which was Traverse City in Northern Michigan which is cool artsy and wonderful and deserves its own blog post, so watch for it!) I added a layer of clear gesso on top just to make sure my pens worked on the glossy surface of the map.


My Art Journal Pages

I consider the spread here still a work in progress but I didn’t want to wait until they were “finished” to share this inspirational journal prompt with you. I have a long car trip coming up this weekend so I will finish it up then and start on a prompt for next week… any ideas?

art journal pages on
A great way to document your travels with a visual diary…no sketching required!


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  1. I have not had much luck using the paint pens. I think it is because I use them so infrequently, they lay in wait too long between uses. Because I can't draw, I like this idea of journaling. Traverse City is one of my favorite places to visit but have never gone during Cherry Festival because of so my tourists.


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