Discover how I got over 1000 followers on Pinterest!

how to get more followers on pinterest | find out

{How to get more followers on pinterest with 3 easy tricks!}

If you are just using Pinterest for fun then you can use it however you want, but if you want to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your website or blog then there are some easy tricks for how to get more followers on pinterest.

how to get more followers on pinterest | 3 easy strategies on
Use Pinterest to brand your business and drive traffic to your blog and website.







Why use Pinterest to drive traffic

One of the best ways to promote your small business or create traffic for your blog via social media marketing is to gain followers on Pinterest. If you have an arts related business like me, then using a social media site that is image driven is important for defining your brand and getting your message out. 

Here are three simple strategies for building your following on Pinterest:


1. Create Custom Covers

We all know that first impressions are important, and this holds true even on social media sites. Cover pins create a clean and sophisticated look to your boards with consistent branding. You can choose your most popular pin as the cover but I found that the best way to get folks to follow my boards is by creating my own custom Pinterest cover with text. I did mine in photoshop, but any graphics program will do.

how to get more followers on pinterest | 3 easy strategies on
This is one of my popular pins…with over 3000 repins, it drives traffic to my etsy shop.

2. Great Key Words

Doing your keyword research is a critical factor in gaining more Pinterest followers. Search for the best key words so that users can find your pins easily. Think like your searchers do and use their search terms to describe your pins and your boards.

3. Call to Action

Once they find your pin, what do you want them to do with it? You will get more results if you tell them what you want with a “call to action” which can either be text in the caption with a link to your website or blog or graphics on the pin itself. For the best results, create custom pins with “call to action” graphics and “call to action” in the caption.


how to get more followers on pinterest | 3 easy strategies on Pinterest Training

You may be wondering how did I get so smart using Pinterest? Someone told me about an online course with entrepeneur Melanie Duncan. Her video training series broke down everything I needed to know step by step. When I told one of my other crafty friends I was taking the class and learning a lot she asked me to track my followers before and after I took the class. So, dear friend, in less than 6 months I have more than doubled my Pinterest following. My friend who did not take the course? She still has less than 150 followers. So you see, it is not just about using Pinterest…it is about using Pinterest effectively. {you can find out more about the online pinterest training she offers HERE}

how to get more followers on pinterest | 3 easy strategies on
Follow me on Pinterest!

Want to hear more?

Mostly my blog has an artistic focus, but I don’t mind sharing art marketing advice with my crafty friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those tips Miriam and congratulations on gaining over 1000 followers! I also took Melanie Duncan's course and your ideas for board covers were not included in there, so well done for coming up with that! Wishing you continued success.


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