The Madison Avenue Museum

summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
Window displays in New York City.

Recently, I went into New York City on a warm summer night to draw at the Frick (more about that in a future post) and since it was still light out when I left the museum I had a great walk down Madison Avenue. 

The upper east side is home to some of the chicest boutiques in the city and the window displays were amazing. Here are some museum worthy window displays I spotted I wanted to share with you.

summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
The Dolce Gabbana window inspired me to take out my camera. The manikins are posed like birds in hanging white cages. The printed fabrics evoke tropical birds. I like the way the models are sitting freely on the cages rather than inside of them. The cages are painted white, rather than brown or black which adds to the airiness. Notice the women in their black dresses. Since I was leaving the museum around 7:30, most of the fashionably dressed people I saw were returning home from work and dressed appropriately.


summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
Here is a closeup of the store. What do you think of the yellow pumps in the cage? I love the dress with the chiffon floaty layers… perhaps you could wear this to a summer wedding in the Hamptons, Money being no object, I think I would get that dress to the right. I like the silhouette and I don’t have to be invited to a party in the Southampton to wear it. (all the stores were closed at this time, but from past experience I could tell you that these dresses were not in my starving artist budget)


summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
More tropical birds, this time used just as display props in shoe and handbag store.
words to live by | create
Art inspires life inspires art again. I love the artistry in this window display. The words as art is a huge trend right now in both contemporary art as well as popular culture. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to make a painting that spelled the word “create” out of flowers? (or any inspirational word, really)


There is nothing so unusual about this window display except I love that they chose “radiant orchid” tones throughout their window and these Alliums are just divine. You can read
5 Ways Pantone Picks the Color of the Year (which is radiant orchid)


summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
Floral prints are a big trend this summer as well. You see the same roses as in the florist shop in the Kate Spade pants. I love the way the word “romance” is positioned just at the waistline of the manikin so it acts as a belt. Everything from the floral backdrop, the decals, the manikin all work together to form a harmonious composition.
quote art | words to live by
Once again, we see words as art and what better quote than for a wine store!? I like the way the store incorporated an actual piece of art in the window display. I like to use quotes in my art too, that I either make up myself or “borrow” from favorite writers.
summer 2014 fashion trends in New York
In this theatrical window display, the scene may be depicting two museum goers as they both hold up brochures against a rococo painting in a gilded frame. I’m not sure what they are acting out….are they arguing?..any ideas???


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  1. I love seeing design inspiration in the everyday. You caught some amazing images and your insight is so fun to "listen" to! Thank you for sharing this!!!


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