Fall Color Trend Watch: Misted Yellow

yellow fashion trends | fall 2014 fashion trends | discover color trends on http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2014/09/fall-color-trend-watch-misted-yellow.html
One of my favorite aspects of fashion how color trends evolve. Now that fashion week has arrived in New York City, I am starting to fantasize about clothes. During fashion week, the designers present their collections a full six months in advance giving stores a chance to buy what they want. The fall clothes that were presented last spring showed a lot of yellow.

Not Canary Yellow

Now before you get scared off , this is not a Big Bird or tweety bird sort of yellow. This warm yellow is very soft as the name suggests… “misted yellow”


yellow fashion trends | fall 2014 fashion trends | discover color trends on http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2014/09/fall-color-trend-watch-misted-yellow.html

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Pictured above:

Givenchy Jersey pencil skirt with mosaic pixel print

H&M Sleeveless blouse and Cable-knit jumper

Maison Martin Margiela Leather Over-The-Knee Boots

Fendi Yellow leather ‘3Jours’ engraved logo plate tote

Printed peacock silk scarf yellow scarf silk



How to wear yellow this season

For those who may be reluctant to wear too much yellow near your face, this yellow is very well suited for accessories as the color goes so well with all the colors in the autumn palette. Whether for a bag or a printed yellow scarf, a touch of yellow does go a long way. Yellow used in a print will be the very popular this fall.

printed yellow scarf trendy for fall 2014 https://www.etsy.com/listing/201921784/printed-peacock-silk-scarf-yellow-scarf
Yellow Prints are hot this fall, 
this glamorous peacock scarf is 
a good investment that you can wear all year.


What the experts at Pantone had to say

Pantone is the leading predictor of trends (although a lecture I went to said this is not a “predictor” so much as a “reflection” of what they are already seeing in the marketplace.) From their website they say: Adding a ray of sunlight and warmth, optimistic Misted Yellow alludes to the promise of spring to come.

Yellow is a good investment

Looking ahead to the spring 2015 color trend report (yes, the report is already out!) There is a yellow in that palette too which they renamed as “custard” but it is basically the same color as misted yellow. So any accessories or transitional pieces you buy now in yellow will also work in the spring.


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A little yellow help from my friends

I invited my artsy craftsy friends to share their yellow creations here and you can too! Just add a link to your etsy listing or a blog post on yellow and don’t forget to tweet and like on facebook when you are done!

31 thoughts on “Fall Color Trend Watch: Misted Yellow”

  1. I want this like I really really want this. I have two peacock side lamps in my bedroom and something like this in different colors would go perfect in my room. Why can't I have $3000 dollars I would totally have something like this commissioned.

  2. This is really a nice statement piece to have in any living room. It's also a good conversation starter with guests who visit.

  3. Stunning work! Thanks for showing it in your home and your clients. I would never get a thing done as I would sit and stare at it all day.

  4. What a great job on the painting. It is so beautiful with the colors etc. and it goes with most other colors it looks like too. Thanks for sharing and hope you find a buyer which I think you will soon.

  5. Fun, thanks for the invite! I think yellow is very pretty unfortunately it doesn't look good on me. I do like yellow home decor items though! :o)



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