Fostering Peacock Decor

peacock decor | peacock art | peacock paintingSo there is a really large peacock painting in my living room right now and I am trying not to get attached to it since this is just a foster painting. There are paintings I paint for myself that I never have any intention of selling… such as paintings of my children. On the other hand, there are paintings that I fully intent to set out into the world and this peacock painting is one of them.

60″ is not 6 feet

This peacock started life out as a commission. I was commissioned to paint a 4×6 foot painting but silly me used a canvas 60″ wide which is not 6 feet wide but only five feet wide. Oh, dear. By the way, a 4×6′ commissioned peacock this size is normally $3000. (but you will be able to collect his one for less…read more)

peacock decor | peacock art | peacock painting
Peacock Perfection, 48×60″ Original Canvas Wall Art

And this painting is too small

The most stressful part of commissions is that five minutes between when your client first lays eyes on your painting baby and then breathes out their exclaim of delight. My client was delighted with this very, very large ( but not quite large enough) wall art.

The wrong baby

She loved it so much she rolled it up the painting baby in its swaddling cloth and took it home to her upper west side apartment in New York City. However, when she got the baby home she realized it wasn’t hers. As much as she loved this new painting it was only five feet wide and not the six she had paid for.. I offered to refund her the difference or start over… and well… I started over.


peacock decor | peacock art | peacock paintingHappy Endings

This story has a happy ending. My client now has her proper six foot wide peacock painting that is not exactly the same as this one…as no two paintings are the same… but she loves just as much. However, I now have a 4×5′ painting that is up for adoption. I have the adoption papers drawn up and displayed in my etsy store.


Seeking the perfect collector– are you her?

The right collector for this painting will have a flair for modern color and want to brighten up their wall with a statement piece. Are you the new collector for this art? Since this peacock is no longer commissioned art, the investment is now only 1800….just about 40% less than the regular price, a huge art savings. There is only one and if you want to collect this one of a kind painting, click HERE.
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Frequently asked questions…

If you are wondering how long it took me to paint this marvelous fine feather friend, take a look at this six minute video. I cut out a few parts where my hair was just a horror show and then sped the video up about 100x the normal speed. Cat lovers will enjoy the cameo my cat makes in the window and if you watch carefully enough you will see the cat just outside my window as well.


Watch the video!

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