Amazing Woodland Animal Art
I work in a studio on the second floor of my suburban home and from my window I can spy on many of my neighbors. Now I am not talking about the human neighbors, but all the furry creatures that live in my backyard. In my wooded yard there are plenty of chipmunks that frustrate my cat, squirrels that give my cat exercise running around the yard and then nocturnal raccoons that hide under the drains in the street. 

I also love the happy little groundhogs that I see. I actually haven’t seen one of those in my yard, but there was a pretty fat one waddling around the park the other day. Her name is Gertrude and she likes to munch on flowers.

The owls are harder to spot, but I can hear them hooting happily in the trees.

Thus, I decided to dedicate a whole series of watercolors to these “Woodland Creatures” and I have been rolling them out into my etsy shop. ( a few originals have already been adopted and are now living in other homes.) Would you like to take one of these creatures home with you?

Original Watercolor Painting of a Chipmunk, 9.5×6.5″ for sale on etsy


This groundhog’s name is Gertrude. I spotted her waddling in a field. She likes to snack on daisies and is friendly and good with children and other pets.


Love woodland creatures? This original watercolor painting pictures a serious raccoon. Animal art adds personality to your home whether you add this wall art to a kids room, your living room or anywhere you want a spot of color. 


This squirrel‘s name is Tilly. I spotted her stealing bulbs from my garden. She likes to snack on acorns and is quite shy. Keep her in an affordable ready made frame available at most craft stores. She will keep you company and make you smile every time she catches your eye. Would you like to take her home with you? ( apply for adoption here >)
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