5 Most Popular Instagram Pics of 2014

Discover my most popular instagram pictures of 2014

Hooray for 2014

In the spirit of celebrating the end of the year, I am going to be doing round up posts over the next few days.

My Instagram Story

I started doing instagram about a year ago. I have had a lot of fun and connected with a great community. Instagram doesn’t take a lot of my time and it is pure eye candy. Do you do instagram too?

Top Five on Instagram (based on likes)

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This post was a snip-it of one of my art journal pages. It was so popular I made it into a print for sale on etsy. {see it here} If you are curious about art journaling, I do offer a free art journal ebook and class.

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Two of the most popular were from a new watercolor series on woodland creatures. This one of an owl and the next one of a squirrel. Read more about my woodland animals on the blog or collect the art from etsy here.

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You can find out what I finally named this delightful squirrel on etsy

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In March, I decided to do a flower each day. You can see the top flowers in this blog post. Collect flower art on etsy. This particular piece can be collected from imagekind as a fine art print.

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and (drum roll please) the most popular painting on instagram this year (according to iconosquare) was this Radiant Peacock. Any ideas why this was so popular? Perhaps, because I posted works in progress photos that kept my followers engaged? Collect this art or accessories designed with with art from my website.


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  1. Wow you are so talented! I absolutely love the peacock, the colors are so vibrant, bold and gorgeous! Happy New Years!! Wishing 2015 to bless you even more! 🙂


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