Free Cat Video Series

One of my 2015 art goals is to create more free videos and teach more content through youtube and my blog, so I am working on a cat painting video series. Coming soon, I’ll be offering a three-part video demonstration using watercolors to capture your adorable companion. Click HERE to get email announcements as the videos become available.

Send me your Questions

Since I am working on the series now, there is still time for me to include your questions.

email SchulmanArtSo, if you have any questions on how to draw or paint cats please email them to ME:

I have been sharing sneak peeks of all the cat art both on facebook and instagram. Here are two of my favorites….



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Click HERE to get email 
announcements as the videos become available.



0 thoughts on “Free Cat Video Series”

  1. Actually the OWL is my favorite-then the Peacock! i am not on Instagram so this is the forst I am seeing these. You are very very good!!

  2. Isn't it so fun looking back??? I was looking back at old Instagram pictures the other day and its just so funny how much changes in a short amount of time!!!!

  3. Wow. I can see why these were well loved. They are absolutely beautiful. You are truly talented. Instagram is one of my favourites and I tend to spend way too much time on there!


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