8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas

8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas 

Hanukkah begins the evening of December 16th and ends on Christmas Eve. So if you want to get someone something for Hanukkah, know that you may want to finish your holiday shopping early! In this list I have included some of my own creations mixed in with creative ideas I’ve discovered on the internet.

Shopping Guide

  1. Cosmetic Bag: A printed pouch is a great way to carry art wherever you go and keep your purse organized. Cosmetic bags make a great gifts for her. Printed on both sides with the blue and white Israeli flag, these zippered pouches are designed to fit essential makeup gear, giving it maximum points for practicality when carrying around your lip gloss, and nail polish. (want to make this gift even more special? fill it with Essie nail polish in blue shades!)
  2. Hanukkah Cookies: These cookies are made to order and are decorated with Glaze and Royal Icing. Ship these to your homesick college student.
  3.  Gift Card: Save yourself a bit of time during the holidays and let them choose their own gift from my etsy shop.
  4.  Earrings: These round earrings with a polished-scallop edge feature a modern re-imagining of the Israeli flag with a gloss finish.
  5.  Metallic Gold Hanukkah Candles: Elegant display box of 45 candles. Make your holiday candle lighting more luxe. ( I remember the year of hurricane Sandy, when I realized I burnt through all the candles during the week long power outage and had no candles left to celebrate!)
  6.  Tzedakah | Charity Box: A woman of valor is a unique collection Inspired by a Biblical poem honoring a woman in gratitude, praise and appreciation. Each original design is an expression of admiration and celebration of all women This charity box is designed by Jessica Sporn. This gift is a great way to teach children the value of giving to those less fortunate.
  7. Tallis Bag: Looking for a one of a kind tallit bag for your tallis? This tallis bag pictures a watercolor of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel and features one of my watercolor paintings. Only two in stock as of this blog post, get yours here.
  8. Menorah: This Menorah, made of brass, is inspired by nature, trees, and branches of the holy land, Israel. I discovered this menorah on etsy… this is a great gift for a couple who may not have their own yet.
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Make your cosmetic bag even more special by filling it with luxury cosmetics!

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