5 ways to Spark your Creative Spirit

No matter what kind of artist you are…musician, writer or painter….we all can fall into a creative rut. For this art journal page, I meditated on five ways to spark the creative spirit and I hope that these ideas ignite you!

5 Ways to Spark your Creative Spirit

  1. Relax: swim, meditate, take a hot bath, drink wine…whatever relaxes you will help your creative juices flow!
  2. Just Begin: Sometimes when we think we are stuck we really need just a little push on the swing…once you get going you know you can swing forever. So give yourself a little push to get started even if you think you are not in the mood.
  3. Play: Treat your art as an experiment and give yourself permission to have fun. Playfulness usually leads to creative expression.
  4. Write it: Journaling, art journaling, or making a list of ideas or troubles help release the creative river.
  5.  Accept it: Understand that every time you sit down to create you may not have your next masterpiece in front of you and that is okay! Learn to accept that as a fact and enjoy the process over the product.


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