December is the new January

What’s in my art journal right now…
An inspirational art calendar will remind you to reset each month

There are certain points in the calendar year that seem to lend itself well to hitting the reset button: January, Monday, September, your birthday. Everyone loves a fresh start and a new beginning; however, I am wondering why do we have to wait to hit reset?


Hitting the reset button

When my computer is acting up I don’t say— hmmm better wait for Monday to reboot. I can reboot at anytime. So why not with our own selves and our own goals? Can we shut down and reboot anytime we want? Do we even have to wait for morning? Can I just close my eyes and count to three and when I open them, I can say- begin again. Begin now.
Keep your inspiration on your wrist with quote jewelry


December is the new January

I saw this slogan “December is the new January” at my gym, Soul Cycle. For those not familiar, this is an overpriced spinning studio based in New York City with extremely effective marketing techniques but this bit of advertising really spoke to me. Why wait for January…if I have a goal… I can begin now.

Keep a piece of inspirational art on your desk or night table



Surround Yourself with your best intentions

Keep your best intentions present either with quote jewelry that you wear, an inspirational calendar, or a piece of inspirational art that you keep on your desk.


Be your own secret Santa this year and remind yourself to begin now- why wait till January?

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