21 reasons to Discover 21 Secrets

21 reasons to join 21 secrets, an art journal workshop adventure with 21 teachers!


Brighten the rest of these winter days with color!

As I sit here at home writing this, there is yet another school delayed opening due to yet another snow storm. Yet, I am choosing not to let that upset me because it is March and this marks the countdown to Spring and also to the 21 Secrets Spring 2015 Art Journal Workshop.


Spring will bloom on your work table

Soon Spring will blooming outside and the ugly snow will disappear. Before that happens, you can make Spring bloom on my work table and on April 1 the 21 Secrets Class officially opens. (self-paced class that you can start anytime)

The best way to get the creative juices flowing is to 
learn something new which is why I take classes too!
Spring is blooming on my work table!

Get the creative juices flowing

We all need something that is ours alone, and carve out creative time. Although I am a teacher and make art my daily practice, I need to get doses of fresh inspiration and take art classes both in person and online. All of us always have something to learn and you can learn faster when you don’t try to do everything on your own. That’s why I love that the 21 Secrets Class has an active facebook community for sharing your art journal journey.

21 Teachers, 21 Ways to Gain a Dose of Inspiration

Those who I have spoken to who have taken the 21 Secrets class come back for more. Being a teacher this year, I have been able to take a peek at some of the top notch videos that have been loaded up to the site and you will not be disappointed. There are teachers I already know and love plus new ones to discover.


Sneak Peek at my Art Journal Class for 21 Secrets


There are so many lessons in the 21 Secrets class this year from “Gelli printing” to “Tarot cards” to “turning your inner critic into your creative coach”. For my portion, you will learn how to design an integrated background, how to harmonize with color and of course my workshop, how to create your own custom rub-ons


I asked you to share your reasons for wanting to take 21 Secrets and here are 21 of my favorite reasons..

  1. l miss my art! I need something that is all MINE~Kim
  2. I’d have 21 art instructors and 21 art opportunities for new ideas, techniques~Darlene
  3. I am excited about all the different teachers, the different subjects they each cover and their different approaches. How cool, to not just be inspired to grow in my art journal journey, but also to be taught and inspired 21 ways! This will be a super fun class!~Rochelle
  4. I love 21 secrets – have done it for 3 years in a row. I love learning new techniques & experimenting with different styles than my own. Really gets the creativity going!  ~Jeanette
  5. I have quite a few empty journals and keep starting, but never keeping up with, journaling. Would love to learn new techniques to keep things exciting and get a good dose of inspiration. I love trying new mediums and new techniques~Wendy
  6. Journaling is very therapeutic for me and love learning new techniques, stretching myself to do things I never thought I could.~Naomi
  7.  I’ve already signed up for the 21 Secrets class. This will be my 3rd year! I’m looking forward to learning your technique for making your own rub-ons.~Debbie
  8. I would love to win a spot not only because of all of the wonderful 21 teachers and what you bring but to also, learn how to make my own rub-ons!!  ~Jackie
  9. I can learn some great techniques to use in my journaling.~Debi
  10. I love art and want to have a practice where I do it every day!~Pam
  11. I absolutely love seeing art journaling from another perspective. Everyone has such a unique point of view, and I always come away with new ideas!~Kathy
  12. This class looks inspiring and excites my imagination, and I feel if I had an actual class to be accountable to, I might could get started again and begin creating again with confidence!~ Jan
  13.  I’ve been exploring creative activities for their therapeutic value and simple pleasure. This course looks like an excellent opportunity to develop and grow this interest. Plus the price fits well in my tight budget.~Jeff
  14. I love the idea of all the different teachers, techniques and stories. There are some teachers I already love and some new ones I’ve always admired so it’s a great combination that I hope will reinvigorate my creative practice.~Kooki
  15. I am most excited at the chance to learn more about my new gelli plate!!~Patricia
  16. I’ve been sort of stuck in an artist block…and yearn to get the creative flow back. I’m open to learning new ideas and connecting with others. I tend to do best working with others instead of on my own…creative community is very healing as well as a catalyst to moving forward and creating again!~Linda
  17. The line-up of artists for this course is fantastic! I’m just getting started and reconnecting with my artsy side. This would be a great an opportunity to learn from talented and passionate artists!  ~Jan
  18. The teacher lineup is really amazing and I’m intrigued by your lesson!~Jade
  19. this has been the COLDEST February on record, and since the snow piles are now mountains of dirty, black ice….I would really love to brighten the rest of these winter days with color, brightness and FUN!!~Susan
  20. I loved the first 21 Secrets workshops I took and want to do more, especially your Rub ons class and Paivi’s embroidery with pens and paper class.  ~Angela
  21. Learned so many techniques and had so much fun in 21 Secrets 2013. This year appears to have many incredible instructors as well! Your class on making your own rub-ons is a MUST see!~Tori


The winners of 21 Secrets Giveaway


I wish I could give you the class for free. In the end, two lucky folks won the free 21 Secrets Class. 

Congratulations to Jan and Susan!

Early pre-sale spots still available!! Sign up now to grab your seat in the class and save… (plus y’know how you get super busy and forget to do things you really want to do.. so don’t hesitate. )

With 21 teachers the tuition works out to less than $5 per mini-course! That is an unbelievable savings. What a great way to try out new teachers!

Sign up for the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop HERE


So tell me – are you going to choose the 21 Secrets 2015 Spring Course?

23 thoughts on “21 reasons to Discover 21 Secrets”

  1. Great download! I have 2 bedrooms right now that I'm anxious to give a little attention to. This is will great info to have.

  2. I just redecorated our bedroom and I didn't think it would be so much work, but it was and it was worth it. Thanks for sharing. I'm now following you, and I hope you can find time to stop by me too and follow me under Linky Followers. I'm trying to reach 1,000 and it sure is a slow process. Thank you.

  3. We've been talking about redecorating our entire house so I'll have to check this out. I definitely want our bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary.

  4. I can't wait to be able to redo my master bedroom!! We have been our house for almost three years and have not painted the walls.

  5. There are some great ideas on here for me. I need to redecorate our house. Just some little touches to make a difference 🙂

  6. How cool! My bedroom is so blah and boring. Hoping when we move we can fix our room up nice the pretty! This is great!

  7. I will download this guide in a few. Right now my bedroom is exactly the way I want it to be-but that could change especially if I see something in that download.

  8. I love that you can find specific apps these days for almost everything. I could use this app as a guide. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks like a great app for home design. The bedroom is the one room that people should pay most attention to. I love mine and just lazying in on weekends. 🙂

  10. I'm in the beginning stages of planning my master bedroom/bath redo and these decorating ideas will certainly come in handy. Seems my bedroom is always the last place to get some TLC. I want it to look like a spa retreat.


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