Art Journal Idea: More or Less in 2015

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Looking for a new idea to art journal about? Sometimes making the background is the easy part — but what do you say? Here is an art journal Idea I did in the beginning of this year to help clarify my goals for 2015 and I thought you might want to try it too.

Now I have done a variation of this idea before. You can see my other blog post “More or Less” to see if you like that version better.

The background for these art journal pages

To make an integrated background I begin my ripping up scraps from my one of my favorite art magazines. This background came from the pages of Somerset Studio. I like to deconstruct images and then reuse them in new ways. The magazine makes a great background for collage since the pages are not heavy. In addition, each issue usually has a color focus which helps me find coordinating imagery.

You can watch me make a background page in my upcoming online art journaling course, 21 Secrets. (Read more about that art journal workshop in this blog post)

What do you want more of?

For my “more” page, I did a free form brain dump of what I wanted and just started to write what first came to mind. I am happy with my personal life but still looking to grow my art business. In addition to business growth, I also recognized that I want more focus and energy in 2015.


art journal ideas | get inspiration for your art journal pages on
I want more focus and energy. I want more email subscribers and connections.
What do you want? I would love to hear from you!
Both art journal pages uses a color palette or purple and lavender.

art journal ideas | get inspiration for your art journal pages on
I want less busy work and random clicking!

What do you want less of?

For the “less” page, I focused on eliminating the negativity in my life. I want less complaints ( either mine or others!), less procrastination, excuses, negativity, busy work and random clicking.

I was thinking about my blog post this morning and instead of bringing my iphone down to breakfast I brought down a book I am reading, “Getting Everything You can out of all you Got” I tried to engage my husband in the lessons in the book but he just snapped at me that I should read less business books and just focus on making more art! ( he has a point!)

When I say I want less “busy work” what I mean is that I am trying to assess whether the work I am doing for my business is truly essential and will make an impact either to improve the lives of my customers or my art business.

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. ~Swedish Proverb (tweet this)

Are you looking for more inspiration for your art journal? Have you downloaded my free ebook: Art Journal Inspirations?

Do you think this is an art journal prompt that you might like to try?

Tell me what do you want more or less of in 2015?

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