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I have always loved needlework and love working with my hands which is why I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer my designs as needlepoint canvases. My threads of choice have always been knitting, yet the virtues of needlepoint and knitting are the same. The meditation I derive from hours of knitting calms and soothes my mind.

Busy Fingers, Quiet Mind {tweet this}

Each of the designs they have chosen will keep your mind and hands busy during long hours and then you will have a beautiful heirloom project that you can either give or save as a keepsake.

However, I want to see your finished needlepoint projects! So if you send me a picture, I will send you a free gift!

needlepoint kits | needlepoint patterns | needlepoint canvases | cat design
See the whole pattern of this delightful tuxedo kitten. Send me a pic of you working on it or your finished project and I will send you free note cards!!


free gift with purchase

Don’t you love when stores give you a “free gift with purchase? Honestly, I never buy cosmetics unless I know I am getting some sort of freebie. That is why I thought it would be fun to give needlepoint fans a free gift with their purchase of one of my needlepoint kits.

So what do you need to do? Pick out any of the needlepoint kits on labeled as “by Miriam Schulman” and then email me a picture of your needlework! This can be a picture of your finished project or of you starting on the canvas. I just want to see my designs turned into needlepoint!

I will send you three different FREE folded note cards with my art on them. Order more than one of my patterns? Then you get more cards!

To help you find my patterns, I put together this two page catalog which you can download for free. You will be subscribed to my “art collectors” mailing list which I send out about 2x per month with updates on new art, ideas for incorporating art into your home, exclusive savings and links to awesome blog posts… like this one! {click here to get needlepoint pattern list}

needlepoint kits | needlepoint patterns | needlepoint canvases
These needlepoint patterns are available exclusively from

  1. Ebony’s Bubble Bath Kit
  2.  Great Horned Owl
  3.  Peacock Poetry
  4.  Western Wall
  5.  Siamese Gaze
  6.   I Hear a Symphony
  7. Dia de los Muertos II

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Send me a picture of you working on one of my needlepoint patterns or your needlework in progress (using any needlepoint canvas offered by Art Needlepoint with art by Miriam Schulman) and I will mail you a set of three FREE blank note cards. You get 3 cards for every project while supplies last!

Note cards are also offered for sale in sets of 6 through my etsy shop. Collect blank note cards to give or to frame {click here}


FREE catalog with needlepoint kits with SchulmanArt

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I live with the
    King of negativity and actually got him to give up negative thoughts for lent. I have always thought my glass was half full and – wow – what more can I pour into it? I think your site will give me lots of pourables! Joined your 21 secrets and anxiously awaiting the start!

  2. My word for 2015 is bloom so I have been naturally focused on where I want to bloom more. Good luck with your art business


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