Bovine Animal Spirits

Did you know you can invite animal spirits into your home to protect you?

Whimsical and happy art has the power to alter the mood of your room and everyone in it. You will never get bored of discovering the textures and layers in mixed media collage art. Find something new each time you look at these paintings.
Forever Friends, by Miriam Schulman 12×12″ SOLD

Happy and Calm at the same time

The colors are intended to make you feel happy yet calm at the same time. The orange in the art adds energy while the brown in the art will ground you. Although colors and the way you react can be highly personal, the warm colors in this art will make you feel energized, warm, passionate and positive. Feel enthusiastic about your day after looking at art.

Brown evokes wholesomeness, and dependability

The brown, beige and tan in the art evokes nature, wholesomeness, and dependability. Together, with the steady stare of the bluish gray cow this art will make you feel safe and guarded over. The cow represents calm, responsible and nurturing qualities.
Baleful Eyes, by Miriam Schulman 12×12″ original mixed media art available to collect on my website → click here

Green =  new beginnings, abundance, and nature

Moreover, there are touches of mint green to remind you of new beginnings, abundance, and nature
Steer Stare, 12×12″  original mixed media canvas by Miriam Schulman available to collect through my website

Invite these animals to live with you in your home if these are qualities you desire.

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  1. Your paintings make me smile…there's that bit of whimsy that I love….your colours speak to me and I look forward to all your posts…YES I am interested in the animal art classes….thank you for sharing your talent…Hilda T.

  2. Your blog post was informative, entertaining and calming. I'm aware of how images and color can affect us but theses paintings could serve as a visual affirmation. Love them Miriam. Thanks for sharing…and yes, I'd be interested in a class. Cheers-Darlene


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