The Magic of White

mixed media collage art 

Lately, I have been embracing the power and the magic of white in my art and it is so addicting. I have been adding white in the form of white drips, white text on colored backgrounds (in found magazine images), and of course, white birds as in this Peking duck.
Duck Darling, mixed media art. by Miriam Schulman. private collection but you can collect a fine art print here
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Magic of white


white duck art →
the red dot means SOLD!

Was it the magic of white that drew everyone to this happy duck during my open studio last week? It was one of the first paintings that sold. Everyone who came in after wanted to collect the art as well.  (prints available on etsy and imagekind)

White is for angels

White is often associated with purity, cleanliness, and virtue. Like an angel, the duck looks out onto the room and protects all with his magical powers. The dominant colors are teal blue, lime green and white and there is a gingham brown ribbon that runs along the horizon line.

duck art →
Here is the art while I was working on it on my art table. Explore all my duck art, or look through my animal art portfolio.

How the colors in the art calm you down

The lime green evokes positive feelings of nature while the aqua blue provides a calming affect. The brown ribbon grounds you making you feel safe. It is important to me that the art makes you feel both happy and calm at the same time. How does the art make you feel?

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0 thoughts on “The Magic of White”

  1. I love this piece of art. The duck is just adorable! I have also never thought about the use of white in a painting before until now.

  2. I have never considered color in art his much! I think it adds so much to your take away from it. Another perspecitve!

  3. This is an amazingly gorgeous piece of art indeed. I never thought of the colors in art in this way before but it totally makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your art is so beautiful! I love how you've been using white to draw people into the main subject of the picture, very clever. You have a great talent.

  5. Love the white across the top of the painting. It really draws your eye in to see the whole picture.

  6. I love the duck picture, it's so fun! I really enjoy learning about different types of art and styles on your site! You're very talented!

  7. This artwork is pretty cool. The background is so colorful and then there is this specks of white on the top and not to mention the duck. The duck looks like its popping out of something. Pretty interesting, huh?!

  8. I love white in any artwork. For me, it's calming and give the eye a place to rest. It seems to increase the vibrancy of the other colours too!


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