Spring Romance

To me spring doesn’t officially begin until the forsythia burst forth with their vibrant yellow blooms. Next, the pink azaleas open to trumpet that spring is here to stay.

Signals of Spring

The combination of that bright pink and yellow are quintessential signs of spring. The flowers blooming with their fresh scents in the air. That along with the warm sunshine on my skin puts a lightness to my step.

Annual Mating Dance

I notice pairs of geese and other animals doing their spring mating rituals. As a December baby, I am a product of that annual mating dance and my biology is keenly attuned to the rhythms of the season of spring.

Celebrate Romance of Spring

“Peaches grow wild, and pigs can live in clover…
The spring begins before the winter’s over….”~Elinor Wylie (tweet this)

This spring artwork of two pigs celebrates the romance of spring through the colors and theme of pairs.

TITLE: Little Piggies
SIZE:  8x10in gallery wrapped Canvas
SIDES: painted black  1 ½” sides
MEDIA: mixed media on Canvas with acrylic varnish
FRAMING: not required! canvas comes wired and ready to hang on the wall

PRICE: for purchasing information, see etsy 

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This mixed media art of two pink pigs combines the best of collage & mixed media for lots of texture and dimension. The animal art would be at home in boho and cottage chic decors. Makes a great birthday gift, baby gift and suitable for decorating a girls’ room – even big girls like you. (see all mixed media art )
The light pink of the pigs will inspire you with thoughts of spring and romance. The happy pigs are surrounded by purple polka dots to spark your creativity and imagination. The addition of the green of nature will bring forth positive feelings of new beginnings and abundance. (see all art with pink in it)


This whimsical and happy art will alter the mood of your room and everyone in it.  You will never get bored of discovering the textures and layers that complete this artwork. Discover something new each time you look at it. (see all mixed media animal art )


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0 thoughts on “Spring Romance”

  1. This is amazing. I love the pig drawings. They almost feel like real one wanting to jump from the screen

  2. what an intelligent and creative way to be an artist and do drawings. really intresstng.looking forward to see some more works

  3. I am no good with art but I do love looking at them and appreciating the paintings. I love spring, the yellow fields here in the UK are so pretty and the lovely gardens in london are even more breath taking.

  4. What a work of art! I love the colors used on the background. They're like just abstract and the pig looked so vivid as the focus of the artwork.

  5. Love this. I love pigs to be honest would love to own a baby pig but this piece of cool artwork is probably enough for me! 🙂 Haha.

  6. I have a friend who does quilling and now has gone into mixed media. Like hers these are beautiful paintings. I do not have the talent but I have the love and appr4eciation of the work

  7. I love this! Spring to me is when I see the first robins in the yard. More often than not, we go right to HOT from winter. This year has been no exception.

  8. I like the abstract look of those pigs. My sister is an artist and sometimes I think her sense of perception is off 🙂


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