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People tend to think of creativity as a mysterious solo act, when in reality the best ideas are usually the result of a dialog. Name any famous artist, man or woman, throughout history and you will discover that each surrounded themselves with other artist friends. Georgia O’Keeffe had the tumultuous and stimulating relationship with George Stieglitz. Frida Kahlo married the notorious Diego Rivera and had relationships with writers and political thinkers. Even the reclusive Van Gogh was an enthusiastic pen pal with his art dealer brother Theo and counted many other artists in his circle.

Creative Choices

When it came time to name this painting sitting on my easel, I thought it would be interesting to open up a dialog with my followers on facebook. That doesn’t mean that I would let the popular opinion dictate my creative choices.

Creative Archaeological Dig

I treated it more like a creative archaeological dig. Where I am sifting through the ideas, not quite knowing what I would find and then finding ones that support my creative story. The process is much more exciting to me as an artist to involve the viewer in collective creativity.

Sunflower Soiree

There were beautiful and wondrous choices suggested to me, but in the end I choice Sunflower Soiree as I love alliterations in my titles and the soiree alluded to the creative process of how I titled the painting. Since I have been painting lots of sunflower paintings lately, I am sure I may use some of the other titles for my other artworks.

When Paintings will be for Sale

If you are looking to collect this painting, it is not listed on my website yet. I have decided to change the way I manage my art and list new bodies of work as completed collections a few times a year rather than list individual artworks as I complete them. If you want to know when this art is listed online, you can get on my VIP mailing list.


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