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I make no secret how much I love Art Journaling magazine. The beautiful pages are eye candy for my soul and I love devouring each one. I know I should read the articles but I rarely do. In fact, more often than not, I will rip up the magazine and use the pages as my first collage layer.

So that poses a dilemma for me when I get my art published in the magazine. Do I keep it pristine and preserve it? Or do I rip out the pages that I am not on and use those for my collage? 

(truth… The first two issues I was published in I kept pristine until I couldn’t stand it any longer and then I ripped out all the other pages to use in my art… This time, I think I will just buy extra copies of the magazine so I can keep one special and use the other one. 

This time, the publication was extra special because my daughter, Talia, also got her art journal published. (So that means we have two copies of the magazine in our home, which doubles my temptation to rip up at least one of them… but no… I will hoard it …don’t worry)

Art Journaling Inspirations →
This month’s Art Journaling magazine with my art journal featured on the inside.
Art Journaling Inspirations →
featured article, “Meditation with Markers,” in the January 2016 edition of Art Journaling. I will be teaching a class, Painting with Words,  to show you exactly how to create these lettering techniques plus much much more. Stay tuned… can’t wait to share this artsy goodness with you!
Art Journaling Inspirations →
My daughter, Talia, also has her art journal featured in her article, “The Journey of My Art Journal.”

Art journaling became a family affair so when I submitted my art journal to Stampington, I encouraged Talia to do the same. I thought the publishers would be interested in hearing both sides of the same story and that a teenage girl was a unique perspective they may not have featured yet. (I was right) 

How to get the magazine (for free)

You can grab your copy of this magazine to read both stories plus there is gorgeous artwork by other artists.

This giveaway is now over.


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1 thought on “My Favorite Art Journaling Magazine (here’s your chance to win it)”

  1. I art journal to help my anxiety
    To help my recovery 3 years clean
    It’s my passion
    Helps past trauma
    Been doing it as a kid reminds me of my childhood


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