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art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on

In my last post, I asked what you love about art journaling. Here’s what you had to say:


art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on
Lettering techniques you can learn in Painting with Words

1) No Rules!

Pam: I love art journaling because there are no rules – you make your own, and you can change them any time you choose to! I love playing with my art supplies and my journals are my playground! Best way to destress!!!
I am a Kindergarten teacher and have been teaching my students to journal for years! I’m sure I have started plenty of serious art journalers over the years……. with more to come….

Laura: Art Journaling has NO RULES!!! I love to take an online class and veer off in my own direction, if so inspired!

art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on Freedom!

Barb: I love the freedom to play in my art journal creating new ideas without a time crunch

Ruth: I love the way it frees me…lightens the inner being…nurtures me and allows unspoken expression

Chris: Art journaling brings out my inner child. I feel free to try new things without feeling so critical of my work. After long days of working it’s fun to play with art supplies!

Monika: Art journaling has been a bit liberating for me. I was always afraid to try my hand at art because I didn’t think I was good enough, and I was always intimidated by having to write on a page what my thoughts were, even though I really felt the urge to do so. Art journaling allows me the freedom to express myself without feeling the pressure of having to show my art to someone. It allows me to be myself, and I absolutely love it!!

art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on
Lettering techniques you can learn in Painting with Words


3) Meditation!

Shyra: I love art journaling as self-expression. It’s also very meditative and a wonderful release of creativity! Art Journaling Magazine is one of my favorites!!

art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on
Lettering techniques you can learn in Painting with Words


4) Experimentation!

Kristen: I love experimenting with all my art supplies. I feel I get better all the time and it’s only for me so there is no pressure.

Laura A.:  Art Journaling is freeing. It’s a way to explore options and techniques and ideas.

art journal ideas, inspiration and pages on Relieve Stress

Bernice: I’m a lifelong artist and crafter! Art journaling is necessary to keep me sane! I work in my art journals on a daily basis! Even if it’s as little as ten minutes! It is always time well spent! It is my creative outlet, stress reliever, a place where I can reflect on my life, my thoughts and feelings! It is a place where I can explore using new mediums and techniques. My art journal reflects not only my growth as an artist but my growth as a person as well!


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