Paintings Sold in 2017

Sunflower PaintingI love lists and especially gratitude and success lists.

Each year, I track which paintings sold so I can express my appreciation to the universe for bringing me awesome collectors like you.

For example, this sunflower was collected by one of my art students. She herself is learning how to paint and finds inspiration being surrounded by art that she loves.

pig paintingYou can discover a sunflower painting on my website. I think I only have one original painting in the studio, but there are sunflower prints and more on the way.

If you want to surround yourself with art, you can also own the luxury of a fine art original.

Pigs have been especially popular among my collectors. You can’t collect this one (an original means it is one of a kind)

However, you can collect prints of any of the artwork you see here. If you can’t find it on my website, please just respond to this email. I would love to create a custom print or even a special commission just for you.

In 2017, I sold 19 originals and also completed 7 commissions of pets, homes and people.

In this blog post, you can explore some of my favorite originals. Animal art continues to be a best selling subject for me as 12 of the paintings collected last year were either dog portraits or original animal art.

However, purple irises, sunflowers and collages were all collected as well as popular and charming Word Art. ( I still have two empowering word art paintings in the studio, gift ready for that special sweetheart)

Enjoy the beauty of flowers all year long >>

Highlight Collected in 2017

 >> Discover a touch of exotic whimsy to brighten your world

Charming Animal Art

>> Collect farm animal art for your country kitchen 

Raining Cats and Dogs

>> Commission of your fur baby in time for father’s or mother’s day 

Empowering Word Art

 >> Collect your own Empowering Word Art

Want prints of any of the artworks you see here? If you can’t find it on my website, write me an email: I would love to create a custom print or even a special commission just for you.

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