8 Stylish Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Guest post by Ashley Lipman

Art is becoming more popular and more accessible than ever thanks to the internet, so more people are becoming amateur collectors and art enthusiasts, amassing small galleries of art pieces and prints that they love dearly. But, the all too-familiar art frame display just doesn’t feel right for the modern-day art lover. We all want our art to get the attention and love they deserve.

Tulip art | Flower art | Miriam Schulman Art | art decorating ideas
Tulip Travels by Miriam Schulman 2×5′ Original Mixed Media Art on canvas

Want a better way to do it? It’s time you put away that measuring tape, hammer and nails, as well as your fear of putting holes on your apartment or condo walls. You don’t have to hang your art at all, because there are other more creative ways you can display artwork. Here are some stylish ways to display art in your home and achieve a casual but refined and intriguing look.


1. Create the “Ultimate View”

Art inspires imagination, and what better way to showcase your taste than displaying your art pieces in a way that creates a unique view. Want an above the sink window display? A bookshelf display? A display against glass or tricky surfaces? Instead of hanging your art, think of display options that create the “ultimate view” in a specific area of your home. What you want is to achieve a casually elegant look that sets the tone for any space with the right art pieces.  

Sunflower art | Miriam Schulman art | Flower art | art decorating ideas
Sultry Sunflowers by Miriam Schulman 2×5′ Original Mixed Media Art

2. Move Away from the Formal Grid

Have a look at modern-day decor options in residential spaces like apartments, and you’ll see a shift from the formal grid, according to The Urban Avenue, a site dedicated to finding Dallas apartments. The same goes for art. Rather than focusing on what to match with what, place your art at a central point and work outwards with your artwork arrangement. It’s important to pick an overarching color or theme to guide your art display arrangement.   


3. Embrace Unexpected Art Pieces

Just about anything with a stylish appeal can be “art”, so don’t overlook those pieces with unique texture and patina to add some organic style to your space. For instance, an old cypress driftwood collected on a fishing trip or a deer horn collected during a hunting trip could add sculptural aesthetic to your home. The key is focusing on authentic art pieces for your display.

Elephant art | Miriam Schulman art | Miriam Schulman artwork | art decorating ideas
SOLD Elephant Dreams by Miriam Schulman 30×30″ Original Mixed Media Art

4. Forego Artwork Frames

We know the attraction behind designer gallery walls: the amazing displays of art collections. If you’re looking for ways to spark your creativity, it’s time you moved away from the traditional artwork frames and tried some innovative art display ideas, according to House Beautiful. From using a vintage school chart to unmounted canvas, using Washi tape to DIY copper frames and rustic clipboard displays, there are different unframed display options to choose from.


5. Go for Vertical Arrangement

Stacking your art vertically is actually one of the best ways to achieve a casual, come-as-you-are vibe with your artwork collection. This look is especially great for empty spaces, such as corner walls and in between windows. For a more playful twist, mix your art pieces with one that’s notably wider than the others for a more outstanding display. Vertical artwork arrangement is a great option if you love black-and-white art pieces or photos.

Peacock art | Miriam Schulman artwork | Miriam Schulman art | art decorating ideas
Potted Peacock by Miriam Schulman 36×36″ Original Acrylic Art

6. Go Big

If you’re not an art collector, and simply want to add some artistic decor into your living spaces, going big is your best bet. Say you’re interested in picking up that 45” by 72” John Muir Tribute Tree you saw online. Big artwork displays are, in fact, becoming more popular. Such a piece would make a towering statement in your sitting area, and be a perfect focal point. Big art displays are more economical than trying to build an entire gallery wall.


7. Liven Up Those Empty Spaces

You probably don’t realize how much empty vertical space you have in your home. Think of those empty corners, spaces above your bed or that empty wall in your study room. You can easily liven up those empty spaces with the right art pieces. Add interest on empty shelves, place art on glass walls or go for leaned-up art. In addition to the artwork, a Huffington Post article offers some really great DIY ideas to fill up those empty vertical spaces in your home.

Peacock art | Miriam Schulman artwork | Miriam Schulman art | art decorating ideas
Radiant Peacock by Miriam Schulman 36×36″ Original Acrylic Art

8. Combine Your Art With Other Accessories

For the perfect interior decor look and style, you can always combine your artwork displays with a selection of accessories. Your display choices will mostly be dictated by the type of art you’re displaying. Instead of using those old-fashioned framing ideas, go for interesting choices to create a high-impact look while embracing modern or contemporary aesthetics.



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