198: Radiant Wild Heart with Shereen Sun and Miriam Schulman

2022 IP Podcast - Episode 198 - Shereen Sun - rectangle

with host artist Miriam Schulman

One of the best parts of being creative is deciding to live with intention, on purpose, with passion and heart. Art cannot be contained and restrictive. It’s meant to be liberating for the artist and a sacred escape from a world that judges and sometimes lacks the vibrant colors of the artistic spirit. 

Today’s guest, Shereen Sun, Founder of Radiant Wild Heart, embodies the rebellious spirit of a true artist. She is a multiple six-figure creativity mentor that identifies as a queer Muslim American woman who is also neurodivergent. Like me, she too is in the process of writing her first book. 

If you’ve considered or are still pondering writing a book, whether you are going the traditional path or self-publishing, this episode is such a great resource and opportunity to gather two book writing experiences at once. Shereen is publishing her first book, Radiant Wild Heart while still running her business. 

In this podcast, you will discover…

In addition to the book writing journey, some other key points touched on include: 

  • The importance of sharing your values and authenticity 
  • Living your creative mission and nurturing your inner artist
  • Living your truth, coming out queer, and attracting the right people to your brand 

“When you tell your story, your real story, and you come out of the closet and say who you really are, what your values are, and what you love to do, you’re going to attract the right people where you don’t have to hide anymore” -Shereen Sun  

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About Shereen

Shereen is a multiple 6-figure queer WOC sacred rebel, creativity mentor to the stars, artist, and Sacred Business Strategist. I’m not your average business coach. I support magical beings to transform their gifts into thriving businesses, integrating creativity and soul. I love weaving in topics including artistry, diversity, truth-telling, intuition, magic, and soul alignment.

About the host, Miriam Schulman

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m an artist and founder of The Inspiration Place, where I help other artists learn how to profit from their passion. Through online classes, business coaching programs, and a top-ranked podcast, I’ve helped thousands of artists around the world develop their skill sets and create more time and freedom to do what they love. My signature coaching program, The Artist Incubator, helps artists go from so-so sales to sold-out collections.

After witnessing 9/11, I abandoned a lucrative hedge fund job to work on my art full time. Since then, my art and story have been featured in major publications including Forbes, What Women Create, The New York Times, Art of Man, Art Journaling magazine as well as featured on NBC’s “Parenthood” and the Amazon series “Hunters” with Al Pacino. Check out my best-selling book with HarperCollins Leadership, Artpreneur, how to make money from your creativity, wherever books are sold. When I’m not in the studio, I split my time between New York City and a farmhouse in the country. I’d love to invite you to check out one of my free resources for art lovers (of every passion level) at schulmanart.com/freebies

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Listener shout out of the week!

My go to while creating
This podcast is a personal favorite while I am creating in the studio. Miriam always has relevant, fun guests on the show. I was especially thrilled when Jo Packham came on as I am an avid reader of the WWC magazine series.



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