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Greeting Card–perfect for Easter or just a motivational pick me up available for sale in my etsy shop

Creating cards to send to your friends is not only inexpensive and simple to do, but they can really be fun.  These six blog posts will show you how to use paper to create your own cards.

  1. How to Make Your Own Inspirational Greeting Cards Find out how simple it is to create cards that you can send to friends and family.
  2. Inspired by Paper Crafts Cover This post contains a different card to inspire you to create cards for others or keep for yourself for your own inspiration.
  3. Tips: Quilling Typography Typography is the art of writing and quilling is the art of turning rolled up paper into interesting and unique designs.  This project allows you to marry the two, showing you how to create paper outlines of letters and then fill them with quilling rolls and scrolls to create a favorite quote.
  4. Mom of 6 Subway Art Prints Find print outs of subway art prints that you can download and frame as gifts or hang in your home in this post.
  5. {DIY Tutorial} Kinda Calligraphy This craft is perfect for your favorite motivational quote. Simply take the information from this tutorial, pair it with your favorite quote and create your own framed motivational piece.
  6. Watercolor Crayon Art This craft is simple, fast and easy to do, and all you need are crayons and water color paints.  How easy is that?

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