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Five Ideas to Add Color to Kitchen   by Guest Blogger @lindsayleboyer, Lindsay LeBoyer

As the month of Januaryand the cold weather that accompanies itplows on, it becomes more and more tempting to spend the day at home trying to keep warm. One of the most delightful comforts on a cold day can be warm home-cooked meal or scrumptious dessert. A hot treat nourishes our chilly insides, and preparing one can be a fun and entertaining home activity. What better way to cheer up your mind, body, and soul than with a vibrant kitchen to cook up something delicious in? In true artists’s spirit, try on and abstract apron and get cooking with the brightest tools of the trade. 

A smock is to an painter what an apron is to a cook. That said, you won’t want to linger in the kitchen wearing a ratty old t-shirt, especially if you’re cooking for guests. Even when the ground is white with snow, there’s no reason your apron has to be equally drab. Avoid staining your coziest sweater with this gorgeous peacock apron featuring an original painted design by SchulmanArt.Discover cute aprons in her etsy shop!


More ways to add color to your Kitchen:

2. Keurig Coffee Maker in Radiant Orchid

The do-it-all brewer, seen here in Pantone’s 
color of the year,  radiant orchid,
adds the perfect dose of this purple 
to your kitchen counter.


3.Cuisinart Hand Mixer in Dark Yellow

4. Proctor Silex Slow Cooker in Lime Green

5. Dansk Dinnerware Set in Turquoise

Lindsay LeBoyer is a guest blogger 
for SchulmanArt. She is currently a 
freshman at New York University & 
writes a fashion blog called The Style Child.

Mentioned: @Keurig, @SchulmanArt, @proctor_silex, @Cuisinart +Pantone 


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