Do you observe with your eyes or your ears?

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YO YO Ma at Carnegie Hall by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Today was one of those special days that I know I will remember for many years. My sixteen year old daughter plays the cello and hopes to train to be a professional cello teacher someday. So, when I found out that cellist Yo-Yo Ma would be playing in New York’s Carnegie Hall, I knew we had to get tickets.

Now, that alone would have been enough, but we decided to head into the city a bit early and get lunch. I remember when I was sixteen my mother had taken me to the Russian Tea Room and I thought this was the perfect time to share the same experience with my daughter.

Watercolor print of Yo Yo Ma for sale on imagekind

The tea room is decorated with red leather booths and there is original art on the walls from the chair rail all the way to the ceiling. We enjoyed Russian food like borscht and tea, of course.

After we both took turns going to the ladies room I asked her if she noticed the beautiful watercolors in the bathroom. “No mom, but I did notice that the music changed from a quintet to Spanish music, did you?” We both had a chuckle and thought that was hilarious. I notice all the visual details while she is busy listening to the music!

What about you? Do you pay attention more with your eyes or your ears?



yo-yo ma and emanuel ax
Yo Yo Ma and Emanual Ax take a bow at Carnegie Hall


Fantastic Art in the ladies room of the Tea Room


art in the Russian Tea Room
The main dining room of the Tea Room is
filled with art from chair rail to the ceiling a la salon style.
My daughter’s favorite painting was of this “cello-man”.

art in the Russian Tea Room
more watercolors in the Tea Room’s downstairs powder room

Here I am at the Russian Tea Room enjoying the
essentials of a passionate life (music, good food, art)










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