Do you want to learn watercolor techniques for painting portraits?

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Ever wonder…..

…how to paint a portrait that really captures the essence of your subject?
…how to create luminous skin tones that glow with life?
Do you want an instructor who will guide you every step of the way from choosing the perfect photo to adding the finishing touches??

With Watercolor Secrets for Painting Portraits, I share everything I know about creating portrait paintings that reflect the personality and likeness of your subject. The course is inspiring, and fully loaded with detailed and narrated video lessons that will guide you every step of the way .

watercolor techniques

how to paint in watercolors

Registration is now open!


Announcing my new online class!

I will share everything I know about creating watercolor portraits and take you through the process step by step from choosing a photo that leads to a successful portrait to adding the finishing touches. This inspiring ecourse is fully loaded with narrated video lessons and more. Whether you just want to create meaningful paintings of your loved ones or take your watercolor art to a higher level of professionalism, you are guaranteed to love this class.

The class is self-paced, you can join at any time, and a supply list is already waiting for you so you can begin experimenting and gathering the best tools proven for success.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to take the best photos for portraits
  • Discover tips on choosing photos that will lead to a successful painting
  • Best drawing tips specific to portrait painting in watercolor
  • Explore easy techniques for creating skin tones
  • Master how to lay initial watercolor washes
  • Tricks for details such as glints in eyes
  • Create convincing hair color
  • Integrate the figure with the background
  • Advice on taking on commissions
registration now open at the Inspiration Place

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time?

The whole course is entirely self paced, meaning you don’t have to be anywhere at any given time to make it to the class. There are no specific times that you need to log in. You can log in whenever you want and have access to all lessons that have been posted. You can log in everyday or every other day or once a week. Either way, the content (and the community) will be ready to greet you! New content is posted during non-holiday weekdays but you can come and watch and read the content at anytime. I found it best to spread out content in manageable chucks which allows me to answer your questions! (one of the most useful aspects of my courses is being able to ASK me) Also, you can start the class at ANYTIME!!!!

Can I watch it on my ipad? Do I need highspeed internet access? Can I download lessons?

You watch the videos right in the classroom, even if you are using an iPad or other mobile device!

What kinds of supplies will I need?

Supplies are the most important aspect of learning my watercolor techniques. I will go over every supply you need and in fact a pdf file with a complete shopping list is already in the course waiting for you! I will say that you will not get success using the pan watercolors or your granddaughter’s crayola set…I recommend only artist grade tube watercolors. You may need to invest up to $100 in art supplies if you are starting from scratch, but watercolors last a long time, much longer than acrylics since they reconstitute with water… (oh wait, save all that for the class!)

Will I like the class? Is it worth it?

These are the questions you are asking yourself, I know. I take online classes too and whether I spend $15 or $250 I want to be sure that the class is worth my time and money! My promise to you is that I always under promise and over deliver. Here are just a few comments made by real students just like you in my other courses:

Yay!  I’m really glad I signed up for this class. ~Jill B.
Thanks for your detailed comments Miriam – it really helps…Great advice! Maria M.
I enjoyed painting this and really enjoy your teaching style.~ Marcia R.
Enjoyed this, because I have never really understood how so very important the kind of paper you used is.~Veronica B.
You also make in all look so easy, it is amazing to watch you create. I’m enjoying your class very much, thanks for sharing.~Diana R.

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