Thirteen Essentials for Living a Passionate Life

Make a list for yourself!

A list from my art journal by Miriam Schulman @schulmanArt

For this weekly list, I am listing my essentials but as I started brainstorming I realized I wanted to make it a list of essentials for living a passionate life. Here is my list and I would love for you to share yours!
  1. Art Making: I absolutely cannot image my life without art making. Everyone needs art in your life. Perhaps you don’t create is with your own two hands but you are making art in your life with every decision you make from getting dressed in the morning to how you arrange your home. Think of all your daily tasks from cooking to setting the table as an art project.
  2. Love Making is not just sex. Let’s face it, you are making “love” in your life when you have lunch with a friend, call someone, spend time with family or just by doing charitable work for others.

  3. Flowers: Can you imagine a world without flowers? Beauty is mandatory and so are flowers. Plant them, pick them or paint them.

  4. Color: I love color in all that I do from my colorful purses to my Planner ( which is now an art journal)
  5. A page from my Art Journal

    Music is mandatory. In the car, while I paint, when I exercise. The quickest way to feel better is to put on some music for a little company.

  6. Kisses: Kiss your cat, kiss a baby – kisses are wonderful. Kiss on both cheeks even if you leave a lipstick stain. They are as fun to get as receive.
  7. Wine: I am not sure if wine is essential– but it certainly doesn’t hurt, does it?
  8. Coffee: My husband got made at me for adding this to my list of essentials since I have only  been a coffee drinker for a few months now. (previously I drank tea) Ah yes, but now that I drink it I can’t imagine my day without a cup or two of coffee. ( with milk, no sugar please)
  9. Hugs
  10. Health
  11. Dancing: I guess I am getting older, but I prefer watching ballet or dance than doing it… still an essential. 
  12. Chocolate: Yes, this is an essential. Dark please. Or chocolate lava cake…

So…what did I leave off the list that you consider essential? Feel free to add a link to your list!

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