Five Reasons to Love the Color Purple

color Obsession: Violet Tulip

Shopping Guide: From Top going clockwise Snugglepuss by
Benjamin Moore, Faded Lilac by California Paints, Violet Tulip
The color of the year may be radiant orchid, but this shade of lavender called Violet Tulip was used by more that 16% of the fashion designers for the Spring 2014.There are so many reasons to love this color…here are five of them.

Reason #1: Lavender is the color of the first flowers of spring

As interior designer Amanda Nisbet says of the paint color Snugglepuss by Benjamin Moore, “It’s the color of a spring crocus. Bold, but not too sweet. That little bit of black in it keeps it from being too Easter egg-y. I’d love to see this in a bedroom or a library with a light Christian Dior gray on the trim. The gray makes it more sophisticated, and grounds it, so we don’t go off into airy-fairy land.”
paint an interior in faded lilac for tranquility

Reason #2: A Color to Lull You to Sleep

Interior designer Kim Gilhool says that interior paint Califoria Paints says “I’ve always loved lavender. To me, it’s such a comfort color, particularly in a bedroom. It sort of lulls you to sleep. This has a little gray in it, which keeps it calm. If I wanted to mix it up, I’d throw in some navy or olive green. Because this shade is so subdued, it works well with just about any printed fabric.” she also gives us

Reason #3:  “It’s also a great backdrop for art.”

Reason #4: Flatters plenty of skin tones

Reason #5: Lilac can act as a neutral.

A grayed shade of purple-blue this subdued color can act as a neutral.

Do you like this color and how would you use it in your home or wear it as a fashion accessory?

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