My Favorite Art Blogs

favorite art blogs

Art blogs I’ve been crushing on lately

by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

In addition to writing this art blog, I also read art blogs myself. If you’re anything like me, you sign up for lots of newsletters and blogs– but which ones are your favorite? I mean, how many of these blogs do you actually read?

Here are a few art blogs that I actually read. Since I really enjoy them, I wanted to share these wonderful artist blogs with you.

favorite art blogs
A page from Julie’s art journal posted on her blog

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: Blazer Designs

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer writes a blog as well as a column in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. She teaches online classes and also designs stencils.  I subscribe to her blog via email and look forward to receiving her daily posts in my inbox. Sometimes I jump over to the web version as I can’t resist leaving a comment on her wonderful and inspiring art adventures. I love Julie because she is authentic as well as inspiring. She gives you little sneak peeks into her daily life as well as her projects, classes and art journaling. I like to imagine that Julie’s life is what my life would look like if I took the road less traveled. In other words, if I lived my life as an unmarried artist working and playing in New York City rather than a suburban artist-mom in sleepy Scarsdale. Julie’s blog succeeds for me because she mixes up new content with regular features such as her Friday art journal posts where she invites readers to add their art journal images. As equally inspiring as her art and artist career, Julie has lost over 100 pounds this year and watching her transformation has been awesome.

favorite art blogs
Alisa Burke shows off her 
tribal leggings–and I went out
and bought a similar pair
and shamelessly copied her.

Alisa Burke: Redefine Creavity

Alisa Burke writes her art blog five days a week. Her art career consists of blogging, teaching online classes, a licensed line with Demaco and also an art book. I don’t get an email from Alisa, because I couldn’t find that option on her blog. However, since her blog is hosted on google, I will regularly check out her posts. Also, she posts pics from her blog on instagram so if something really catches my eye I will head over there to check it out. Alisa’s blog is fun for me because she never runs out of ideas. I can’t even begin to count all the pumpkin decorating projects she posted in October. Moreover, I love her “Fashion Fridays”. Since she is about my age and a working artist I find her style advice easy to adapt to my own lifestyle. She usually uses herself as the model and I can relate to her fashion sense. I’ve borrowed ideas such as tribal print leggings and more from her fun artsy blog.

Moorea Seal

favorite art blogs
Moorea Seal in her “What I wore” feature


I found Moorea’s blog by accident. She has evolved her business over the last two years from an independent jewelry designer on etsy to her own online store and has just opened a bricks and mortar shop in Seattle. What I love about her blog is her impeccable taste, gorgeous product photography and a regular feature she calls “52lists” In this feature she shares a list based from the book, List Yourself, and invites her readers to share their list making on her blog as well as on instagram. I have been making lists all year in my art journal and find this practice soul filling. I follow her blog via email and she blogs a few times per week at most. Although the list posts are my favorites, I find myself reading about her other adventures and am in rapture of her bravery. 

How about you? What artist blogs do you like to read?And if you love mine, what  are your favorite features?

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