5 ways to cheer up on a rainy day

April Showers bring April Flowers by Miriam Schulman. @schulmanArt

Don’t let the rainy weather get you down. I love the sound of rain on the roof and it is a great excuse to do something inside. Here is how I cheer up on a rainy day– I would love to know what you do too! Please leave a comment, I read every one and they mean so much to me.

1. Exercise

I just begun my weekly tennis again so I was a wee bit disappointed when I saw how hard it was raining outside. Just to make sure I actually exercised ( rather than just hoped I exercised) I put on my favorite spandex leggings and signed myself up for a Physique57 class, my current barre method obsession.

yellow tulips
It’s raining cats and dogs outside- typical April weather.
So I brought some flowers inside!
( I love to paint watercolor tulips too,
you can see all my tulip art that is
for sale on etsy-click HERE)

2. Pick Flowers

I still had some time before class, and I saw there weresome tulips poking their yellow heads up in my backyard. So I grabbed a scissors and brought them in where I could enjoy them in my studio. Is it raining where you are? Go outside and pick some flower to bring inside. This will instantly cheer you up!

yellow tulips
I was in a goofy mood. So I took selfies to a new level.
I photoshopped myself into a cloudy sky.

3. Take selfies

I am trying to include more pictures of myself on social media– not just pictures of my art. So, I snapped this goofy photo of myself in the mirror. I am holding the camera over my head in case you are wondering. This is a wonderful angle to photograph yourself because the angle is very slimming and will also make you look younger. I then photoshopped myself onto a cloudy background that I found on wikimedia commons. I have shared this photo on instagram….

4. Write

You don’t need a blog to write… or even a journal. Just writing an email, or in a facebook group helps. For me, writing in the blog helps the most because the formal format forces me to organize my thoughts and make sense of the world.

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5. Make something

I find being productive lifts my mood. My mother likes to bake. My grandmother used to knit…. and I make art. What do you like to make? ( my kids make a mess…)

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What do you do to cheer up on a rainy day?

3 thoughts on “5 ways to cheer up on a rainy day”

  1. I'm not into selfies just yet – but probably need to be for the same reasons as you are! I love all your other tips. I find exercise really uplifting, fresh air balm for the soul. Flowers are so cheery and expressing myself through creativity, both sewing and writing has always been fulfilling for me. I find learning new stuff very compelling and reading a good book calms me down and opens my mind to the world.

  2. Great tips! I love to cook on rainy days, the more food I can get made the better. Sometimes I just batch cook things for the freezer, other times me and my daughter will bake together. PLaying with food always puts a smile on my face 🙂


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