An Art Journal…more or less.

Less is more. ( more or less) by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Art journaling is a wonderful exercise for meditation and self reflection. This blog post shares ideas for writing and keeping an art journal, or really any journal.

Hours of art journaling

I completely lost myself in hours of  art journaling last night and into the morning. On a Saturday? Yes, on a Saturday. Well, I justified to myself, this is not work. I am not selling the art in my journal. Besides, art journaling is meditation. (never mind that I knew I planned on blogging about my experience later.)

art journal by SchulmanArt
Art Journal Idea: Write the word “Less” on one side and “More” on the other. Cut out words from magazines and sort them into piles. What things do you want more? What do you want less?

Art journal prompt

For this art journal exercise I worked on two pages ( probably why it took so long) On one side I wanted to reflect on what I wanted less of in life. On the other side, I wanted to meditate on what things I want “more”

art journal by SchulmanArt
The central image on each page is a print of my artwork.
Discover my floral art on etsy.

Choosing the right words

At first I thought I would work using letter stickers or rub-ons like I did in my last spread. I loved the mixed watercolor I used as a central collage element on the surface. ( you can see the full mixed media peony prints for sale on etsy) I started doing that and I found it a bit tedious… so I went digging in my stash looking for inspiring letters. In my stash I found the words I didn’t use from my word collage ( you can see that blog post HERE)  Suddenly those words started to resonate with me.

 Positive and Negative

However, I didn’t have enough words. Finding positive words for my “more” side was easy. Looking for words I wanted “less” of was certainly more tricky since no one enjoys going looking for negativity!

Love “less”

So, here is what I want “less” of– I would love to have less: Excuses,Talk, needs, technology, waste, mess, negative influences, crime [in the world], winter, wine & food, dust, internet, facebook, love handles, chaos, hassles, entrapment, indulgent, and picking.

Hello to more

We all want more of something.. Most of all I want more time. More time to do everything I love like trips into the city, travel adventures, time with friends. Other words on my “more” list: Time, connecting, dreams, travel, boundaries, energy, health, painting, insight & inspiration, New York City, friends, clarity, summer, trips, play, money, discover(y), art, New York

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  1. such a fab visual reminder of the junk that needs to be sorted out of our lives, and the goodness we need to let in. and beautiful to boot! thanks for sharing x


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