Trendspotting: Stripes and Denim

Fashion Fridays by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Stripes with Denim Overalls are in this spring

Dress like an Artist

Do you want to dress like an artist? Check out all these fashion bloggers, models and artists who all wear stripes with denim overalls. This is an easy trend to wear at any age. If you are not into overalls, you can easily swap those for a faded pair of denim jeans or even more conservative navy pants for that springtime nautical style.

I am just happy I can go straight from the studio to the grocery store without embarrassing my children because dressing like an artist is in!


So y’know I am an artist and I love that overalls are in style. I have had the ones I am wearing at left for a few years and the striped shirt I have on from J Crew is also not new. So, I was thrilled when suddenly I started spotting this trend EVERYWHERE online.I think I may refresh my look with a few new striped t-shirts and although I have a few denim overall shorts, I would much prefer ones with a longer hemline like the looks shown here.

Spotted this look on Pinterest and saved
it to my fashion trends board immediately.
You can find the items for sale on Svpply


Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield featured
this look on the Gap site The overalls are from
the Gap, of course.


In this blog post artist Alisa Burke talks
about how she makes time for art with a
toddler in tow. Couldn’t help but notice
the stripes with overalls in her authentic
artist style.


Fashion Blogger Cathy of
shares how she jumped on the overall bandwagon
this April with denim overalls from  American Eagle
T-shirt: J.Crew | Sandals: Gap | Bag: Angela &Roi
Aviator: similar by ASOS | Hat: David &Young
PLIG Bracelet: BCBGeneration
Chain Bracelet: Ann Taylor
This is my favorite artist work uniform.
I wore it to shoot one of my online art classes
on Watercolor Secrets for Painting Portraits.
“Carrie” from the Carrie Diaries a tv show that features the
teenage Carrie Bradshaw the future fashionista wears a striped
shirt from Anthropologie and denim overalls. photo from 
{Are you thinking what I am thinking? This is a supposed to
be the teenage version of Sarah Jessica Parker?
What made her so cool is she was not a traditional beauty who
compensated with very expensive shoes and larger than life
personality. Her nose was not perfectly straight, she had a
mole on her face and her naturally curly hair was dyed blond.
This teenager they have looks like a Disney Princess with her
perfectly turned up nose and curling iron ringlets…just sayin. }


Other blog posts you might like: (you’ll see me mention my love for overalls that goes waay back!)

What do you think of this style? Would you wear overalls and where would you wear them?

5 thoughts on “Trendspotting: Stripes and Denim”

  1. Hey! I recently met your blog, and i only want to say that since now i’m following you, you’re fantastic, so trend. And this idea it’s fabulous!

  2. check you out, so far ahead of an imminent trend 😉 Love to see all these ladies rocking the overalls look, yourself included <3

  3. I can't draw or paint at all lol, but I MUST find a pair of overalls and a striped shirt immediately. It looks so cute and comfy!

  4. I love this post Miriam! I have never considered overalls before but I think this might just be the ticket for me! I have gained so much weight lately they may hide those rolls that I hate! :o)



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